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What to do if Windows says the Wi-Fi network is not secure

If Windows tells us that the Wi-Fi network is not secure, we can quickly fix it by changing a router setting.

Today, almost everyone knows that protecting a Wi-Fi network with a password is essential. And that is also true for public networks, where putting a public password still guarantees a much higher level of security than entering no password. But it can happen that Windows tells us that the Wi-Fi network is not secure.

This indication is due to the use of outdated security protocols , which attackers could easily unhinge. In this case, the latest versions of Windows report the problem to us. Here’s how to fix it.

The Wi-Fi network is not secure even if there is a password. Because?

As we have mentioned, in the latest versions of Windows (but also of other operating systems) the requirements for a network to be considered secure have changed.

Long story short, the password is not enough . The Wi-Fi connection also needs to be able to use a good encryption system . And in the case of Wi-Fi, not all systems that allow you to protect the connection with a password are able to provide it.

In this specific case, if our connection uses the old WEP protocol , Windows will warn us that the Wi-Fi is not secure, even if we have entered a password. Specifically, Windows will show us the message

 This Wi-Fi network uses an old security standard that has been surpassed. We recommend that you connect to a different network

How to fix the unsecured Wi-Fi network problem

If this happens to us at home, there are two possibilities: either our Wi-Fi router is very old, or there is some device in the house that is unable to connect to networks protected with newer technologies such as WPA.

A note : “very old” in this case means really dated , since the WPA standard, subsequent to WEP, has existed since 2003 and WPA2 has existed since 2006 .

The first thing we need to do is log in to the management of our router , which is usually done by typing an address such as , , or similar.

insecure wifi network router access

Some models also allow access using particular addresses, such as for Fritz devices! or for Netgear devices. In any case, we undoubtedly find the instructions in the quick guide of our device , or on the manufacturer’s website.

Once logged in, help us with the instructions, or with the support of an experienced relative or friend, and identify the Wi-Fi settings . Usually, even in older models like the ones in the example, there is a section dedicated to security.

insecure wifi network set security

In this, we will find information on the type of protection to choose. At the moment, to eliminate the unsecured Wi-Fi network communication of Windows it is sufficient to use the WPA protocol . But if we have the option to choose WPA2 or higher it’s even better.

insecure wifi network set WPA

Of course , once the network security has been changed, we will also have to change the password, and above all reconnect all the devices . But it’s a small price to pay for improving the security of our network.

Unfortunately, if our router is so outdated that it does not at least support WPA security, then it is definitely time to replace it , with a recent model: we consider that even the cheaper ones now at least support WPA2 security.

What can happen if we change the security of our network?

Actually, only good things. Our network will become more secure with virtually no contraindications. The only drawback is that if we have a device at home that is so dated that it cannot connect to a Wi-Fi network in WPA , then we will no longer be able to connect it.

But this is a very unlikely scenario, given that the standard has been commercially popular for at least fifteen years . Keep in mind that switching to a more efficient protocol is also a great way to speed up our Wi-FI network .