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What is Intranet and how it works

Russia has decided to abandon the Internet and switch to the Intranet. Things? How does it work? What are the differences? Here are all the answers.

The Internet , among other things, is a great resource of information on any field and has become practically indispensable for our everyday life. Of course, the information found on the net is not always reliable, there are also sites that are real spreaders of fake news, but there is no doubt that the internet is a great tool of freedom. Precisely for this reason in Russia, following the war waged in Ukraine, the government decided to transfer all domains and servers from the Internet to the Intranet. Things? How does it work? What are the differences between the two networks? In this article you will find all the answers to these questions.

Intranet, what is it?

Let’s start by seeing what Intranet is. It is a private network completely isolated from the external network of the Internet that can only be accessed by the computers that are given access to this network. Intranet networks are mainly used within companies : it is the one that allows all the computers of the same company to be connected in continuous communication with each other without however being connected to the internet.

vacation woman mountain smartworking relax terrace
vacation woman mountain smartworking relax terrace

In practice, those who use computers cannot surf the network at will but can communicate, transfer files and various documents to other computers connected to the same Intranet.

Intranet, how does it work?

How does Intranet work? It is basically an internal computer network . Each company uses the intranet in a different way, according to its needs. It is also possible that some computers, external to the intranet, are made accessible a part from the intranet, in which case this part becomes an extranet.

If within a company the Intranet is a very useful resource, for a nation to move all the servers and sites within the national Intranet, as Russia has decided to do, means having almost total control of the information. which citizens can access. Unless some user can bypass it perhaps by connecting to the Deep Web .

Internet and Intranet: the differences

So what are the differences between the Internet and Intranet? The Internet and Intranet have some aspects in common: they are accessible via any browser, the TCP / IP protocol used for data transfer, they allow the sharing of various files within the network. Even more, however, are the differences between the two networks.

The Internet is a public network while the Intranet is private , the former is accessible to all, the latter only by users who are given access and is therefore easily controlled. Due to the fact that it is closed and private, the Intranet is, however, more secure than the Internet from various malware attacks.