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VK, Rossgram and the others: the Russian apps that replace Facebook, Instagram and other social networks

Putin has blocked access to many traditional social networks, here are the Russian social apps instead of Facebook, Instagram and the others.

Social networks allow anyone to be able to express their opinion on any topic and also to expose their criticisms, precisely because they are tools of freedom they are not well regarded in States where freedom is limited. After the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin ‘s government closed access to Facebook , Instagram and the main Western social networks to Russians, replacing them with other native social networks (which can also be controlled more easily). So let’s see what are the Russian social apps that have been introduced to replace Facebook and all other traditional social networks.

Russia, social networks closed

Starting from Monday 14 March in Russia it is no longer possible to access the social networks that are part of the Meta giant, namely Facebook and Instagram . A decision that has certainly disappointed many Russian users, influencers and social media managers.

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Vladimir Putin accused Mark Zuckerberg’s social media of spreading calls for violence against the Russians after the start of the war in Ukraine. This is how Russian users got married more and more on state social networks, less known outside the borders of Russia.

Russian social media: VK

The Russian social network that replaces Facebook is VK , short for Vkontake . It is a social network born in 2006 and from the point of view of graphics and functions it is really very similar to Facebook: once registered you have your own profile, you can search for friends and you can publish various contents, as well as message privately with the other users like on Messenger.

Russia social app: Rossgram

Rossgram can be defined as the Russian Instagram. And not only for the similarity in name between the two social networks. Unlike VK, Rossgram is a new social network, which did not exist before the war in Ukraine. The release date of this social App is in fact that of March 28, 2022. How does it work? Similar to Instagram: you can share photos and follow the profiles of other users registered on the social network.

Russian social media apps: Rutube

If VK can be defined as the Russian Facebook, Rossgram as Moscow’s answer to Instagram, Rutube is the Russian YouTube. It is in fact a site where there are various videos and in which users can open their own channels where they can upload their content, just like on YouTube.