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Tech the site to welcome refugees fleeing Ukraine is the site that connects those fleeing the war in Ukraine directly and those who want to host refugees.

The war in Ukraine caused a serious humanitarian crisis with millions of people leaving their homes to escape the bombs, seeking safety in neighboring countries such as Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania. At the same time, a whole network of volunteers has also been activated who are sending humanitarian aid to the various Ukrainian cities and who are also welcoming those fleeing the war: with this in mind, the site was created which allows those who want to host refugees at home to get in touch directly with fleeing Ukrainians. what is it? The site to welcome refugees from Ukraine

The website was created by two Harvard students, Avi Schiffmann and Marco Burstein, with the aim of helping those fleeing Ukraine’s war. Thanks to this platform, refugees can contact potential hosts directly.

Refugees emigrate to Europe how the site works to welcome refugees from Ukraine

Anyone wishing to give their availability to host people fleeing the war in Ukraine will have to connect to the site, indicate the requested information such as the city and country of residence and some contact information , such as how many people can be hosted, the languages ​​spoken , if we accept pets or not and the time for which we can host people.

To find accommodation, even refugees looking for hospitality will first of all have to connect to the site and enter the city to which you are close: at this point the site will find all the hosts closest to the place indicated and will show the various information that can help you choose where to go: the number of people that can be hosted, the languages ​​spoken, if pets are accepted and more. how the site to welcome those fleeing from Ukraine was born

As mentioned earlier, is a site that was built by two Harvard students, Avi Schiffmann and Marco Burstein.

“I did some research and realized that the web lacked a direct connection between the information and services available to refugees. And above all, there was confusion. So, I said to myself that I could create an online platform that would serve to connect the many Ukrainians fleeing the conflict with those who are offering hospitality in their homes ” explained Avi Schiffmann in an interview with Vanity Fair.

“Each host can include in his offer (free) all the details he considers important: how many people he can host, what languages ​​he speaks, if he accepts animals, if he has children, how long he makes his home available,” he continued. is therefore a sort of Airbnb but completely free but not for tourists but for those who are forced to leave their homes.