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The best apps for travel: here are which ones to download and have on your smartphone

Here are the best apps for travel and the most downloaded on smartphones by tourists (but not only) from all over the world.

The smartphone is an increasingly indispensable tool in everyday life. And not just for making calls or communicating in general. Thanks to the various Apps, we can use it for practically anything: keeping us informed about events in the world, shopping online, watching movies, listening to music, doing calculations and even traveling. Yes, because the various travel apps allow us to make our holidays but also business trips easier: so let’s see which are the most downloaded and the best travel apps that are useful to have before leaving.

Most downloaded travel apps in Italy

Taking a look at which are the travel apps that are most downloaded in Italy, we find Skyscanner and Tripadvisor at the top. The first is an App that allows you to find flights, compare prices, but also to find hotels and car rentals. But if you are looking for hotels and even restaurants, one of the most used apps is Tripadvisor together with Booking and Expedia .

Travel and vacation app

Another App for travelers widely used in Italy to search for accommodation is Airbnb , which allows you to rent houses (or rooms inside houses) from private individuals who make them available.

Among the most downloaded travel apps in Italy, especially by those who travel by car, we also find Waze : it is not only a car navigator, but it is also a very useful application that allows you to stay updated on traffic.

Italians who are passionate about the sea use the Beaches App a lot to book sunbeds and umbrellas from the north to the south of the country.

Best Travel Apps

One of the best apps for traveling is Triplt: Travel Planner : this application allows you to plan any detail of your trip, from bookings to the various routes to take.

If you are going to an unfamiliar city for the first time, a good App to use can certainly be Visit a City. Thanks to this application it will be much easier to plan your trip by following the proposals of the App which will also indicate the travel times from one place to the top.

If, on the other hand, your holiday is not in a big city but in the midst of nature, View Ranger may be more useful for you. In this application there are several cartographic maps that will allow you to extricate yourself between one path and another in the middle of the woods. The only drawback of this application is that it is not totally free and to download some maps you need to buy them.

Whether your holiday is in Italy or abroad, it can be very useful to have Google Maps or another application with maps installed on your smartphone. In this way you will be better oriented especially if you do not know the place where you arrived.

A fun and useful App to save your travel memories can undoubtedly be Day One Journal . Things? It is an application that will allow you to keep a sort of daily diary with your vacation photos.