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Sites to download free photos and images: here are the best

Having free photos and royalty-free images for our projects is a great convenience: here are the best sites to download them from.

When we engage in some project that requires a bit of graphic effort, it is not uncommon for us to need photographs and images. And if we are not photographers or illustrators, the best thing to do is to turn to specialized sites, which offer free photos and images to download without constraints or restrictions, so that we can also publish them without running the risk of using photographs that are covered by rights. .

Download free photos, there are many specialized sites

For some years on the Internet there have been several sites that do just that: they make available thousands of free photographs, which the authors themselves publish, to advertise, to practice or trusting in the donations that those who use the images can make. The advantage of these sites is that they almost always do not require any attribution for the images used, which therefore can be used as we prefer. Here are some of the most interesting sites that offer photos to download, in a free and free way.

Smartphone beach photo

Pixabay, one of the most popular photo sites

When it comes to free download images, Pixabay is probably the most famous. In addition to being one of the first sites to offer free photographs, it is also one of those with the largest collection.

The quality of the images varies, but the search system, which also supports Italian, tends to offer us images that have already met with some success. Usually the photos on Pixabay are free for any use and do not require attribution, but it is still a courtesy gesture to at least mention the author with the method that the platform offers us.

Pexels, a good free photo library

Second, both in terms of fame and quantity of images, Pexels contends for the primacy with the previous Pixabay, both in terms of the quantity of free images available, and in terms of quality.

The main difference is in the way the images are presented, slightly neater and more appealing, and in the number of formats available. Also in this case we can use the photos for any use . Even commercial ones.

Unsplash, a curated selection of free photos

Among the sites that offer free photos, Unsplash is gaining an interesting slice of the market. Above all thanks to a less substantial but more accurate library of images.

In other words, if we are looking for free photos that are a little different than usual, Unsplash is the place to start our search. Unlike other sites, we don’t even have to specify the resolution we are interested in: the images are always provided at the highest quality .

Freephotos, free and free photos with something more

Among the photo sites, Freephotos has an edge over the simple collections. In addition to allowing us to choose from a good library of free photos, in fact, this site has an integrated editing tool , which allows us to edit photos without leaving the site.

In short, if in addition to downloading the photos to use, we also need to edit them and don’t want to go through an external tool for editing images , freephotos has what we need.

Vecteezy, no photos but thousands of illustrations

We close this list of free image sites with a site slightly different from the others. Vecteezy in fact specializes in illustrations. Or rather, in vector images . Unlike the other sites on this list, Vecteezy does not offer free photos to download, but illustrations and vector images .

In this case the search can be a little more complex (free and paid results are presented together), but there are some great advantages. First of all the possibility of being able to download images in editable SVG format. Then, also in this case, an integrated editor allows us to modify the images before downloading them.

Download free images? It is not enough that they are on the Internet!

Often, especially when it comes to amateur activities or other pastimes, the common belief is that anything you find on the Internet can be used freely. This is obviously not true and, on the contrary, it is rather risky: if the rightful owners were to notice it, the consequences could be serious.