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Petrol price app: here are the best to save

The gas price comparison apps are a great help to save when you fill up: here are the best ones.

One of the expenses that motorists constantly have to face is that of petrol: on the other hand, fuel is essential for the car. Whether you have a petrol vehicle, whether you have diesel (but also LPG or methane) the price of fuel is often very high, but in order to save there are some Apps that you can download and use on our smartphone : let’s talk about the Apps of the gasoline prices, which compare those of all distributors, thus allowing us to find the one near us that costs less. Now let’s see which are the best.

Free petrol price app: the best

Petrol prices : the App is available on both Android and iOS. It is undoubtedly one of the best applications for gasoline prices, by activating the GPS you can see all the prices of the gas stations in the area on the map (you can also make a selection for the type of fuel), just move to see in general how much gasoline costs in the various distributors. It also has a section that lists the prices of the various distributors by price order, from lowest to highest. Highly recommended.

Petrol price app

Fuelio : another App that compares the price of gasoline that is highly recommended is Fuelio. The strong point of this application is that it also calculates and monitors the kilometers we can still travel before running dry. In short, it tells us whether or not we can get to the cheapest petrol pump to fill up. This is also available for both Android and iOS smartphones.

Gaspal : works in a similar way to the other petrol price apps, thanks to the map it is in fact possible to see the cost of fuel in the various filling stations. However, Gaspal also has a function that can be very useful: in fact, it also indicates the route to take to get to the distributor. If you are in an unfamiliar place, this feature can be very useful indeed. It is always available for both iOS and Android.

App prices for LPG, CNG and electric charging stations

The ones we have seen previously are all very useful apps for making a comparison of petrol or diesel prices. Of course, they can also be used to see the prices of LPG and methane, but if you have an ecological car, powered by LPG, methane or electric, there is a price comparison App that is right for you:

Ecomotors : if you have a petrol or diesel car this App will be useless for you. Ecomotori is in fact an App for the prices of LPG, methane and charging stations for electric cars. Available for both Android and iOS, this application, as its name suggests, saves money for drivers driving green cars.