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Lil Miquela, the influencer who does not exist: digital animation conquers Instagram

Can robots and artificial intelligence replace people on social media? The answer is yes, influencer Lil Miquel is proof of this.

Beautiful, nice, socially committed, who does not have a life shown on Instagram that makes many envy: we are talking about Lil Miquela , an influencer with over 3 million followers. There would be nothing strange if it weren’t for the fact that it doesn’t really exist. Or rather, it exists but not in a Cartesian conception of the “cogito ergo sum” (I think therefore I am): as we read in his Instagram bio, it is in fact a robot that lives and Los Angeles, an artificial creation that manages to appear on social networks and do exactly what other real-life influencers do.

Who is Lil Miquel, the robot influencer

Lil Miquela, in her Instagram bio, says she is 19, in reality she is much younger having been created in 2016 by Trevor McFedries and Sara DeCour : that year her profile was opened on Instagram that looked exactly like that of one of the many real influencers who populate the famous social network.


Lil Miquela took little time to win followers and soon also began sponsoring prestigious fashion brands, such as Prada and Calvin Klein. Over time he began to fight, to the sound of posts, even for civil rights, so much so that in the bio of his profile there is also the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.

He gave an interview and started to humanize himself more and more, talking in his posts about the various emotions he feels. Can a robot really fall in love, be sad, cry, laugh like any human being? Lil Miquela says yes, as emotions are nothing more than programming.

We obviously know that this cannot be the case, but what must be emphasized is that a digital entity, moved by human minds, is managing to live a virtual life like that of social media like any other person, thus posing the problem of what is actually real. of what we see every day on Instagram and on social media in general.

Digital animation: what is the technology that created Lil Miquela

Lil Miquel is a CGI character, which is a character created through digital animation . The first digital animations began to spread in the 1960s and found a first technical application in the world of cinema for special effects and then on TV.

Over time, digital animations have evolved and become more and more present, replacing the classic cartoons in animated films, not to mention video games but also uses in science and medicine.

Instagram: Avatar and digital animation

Lil Miquela is not the only character created thanks to digital animation to be present on Instagram, Trevor McFedries and Sara DeCou have in fact also created a friend for their influencer: Bermuda .

But the world of Instagram, as well as that of Facebook, is opening up more and more to digital, just think that Mark Zuckerberg has presented a new function, initially active in the United States, Canada and Mexico, but ready to flood throughout the world: the 3D Avatars that can be used by social media users as a profile picture, as a reaction to posts and stories or in chat conversations.