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iPhone SE 2022: from the data sheet to the price, all on the Apple smartphone

On Wednesday 8 March 2022 the iPhone SE 3 was presented. Specifications, price, reviews: all on the Apple smartphone.

Pe ek performance : this is the name given to the first Apple 2022 event which was held at Apple Park in Cupertino on Wednesday 8 March. The long-awaited event by fans of tech products, as well as those who are loyal Apple customers, was an opportunity to present the new products including the iPhone SE 2022 (officially the name is iPhone SE 3 ). So let’s see everything there is to know about this smartphone, from the technical data sheet to the price at which it was put on sale. But not only.

iPhone SE 2022: the technical sheet

Let’s start with the dimensions of this smartphone from Apple: the height of 138.4 mm , the width of 67.3 mm , the thickness of 7.3 mm while the display is 4.7 inches . It is a widescreen Multi-Touch LCD display with IPS technology. As for the outer shell, the iPhone SE 3 is available in three different colors: red, white and black.

Girl with iPhone

The iPhone SE 2022 also has a fingerprint sensor integrated into the Home button and thanks to the various functions for integral accessibility it can help people with visual, hearing, motor or cognitive impairments to use it to its fullest potential.

iPhone SE 2022: the camera

We dedicate a separate paragraph to the camera. Indeed, to the camera. The one inserted in the back is a 12 MP wide angle with a digital zoom up to 5x. It allows you to take pictures with Portrait Mode and with six different effects.

The front camera instead takes 7 MP photos and always has Portrait Mode with six different effects that you can use.

iPhone SE 2022: the price

Three versions of the iPhone SE 2022 have been made, each with a different memory capacity: the first is 64 GB, the second 128 GB, the third 256 GB. The price obviously changes depending on the memory: the more storage space there is in the smartphone, the more the price goes up.

The 64 GB iPhone SE 2022 costs 529 euros , the 128 GB memory one costs 579 euros , and the 256 GB iPhone SE 3 can be purchased for 699 euros.

iPhone SE 2022: the reviews

The iPhone SE 2022 has been subjected to some tests to verify its quality: what has positively surprised is the resistance demonstrated by dropping it with the glass of the screen that withstood without damage the impact with the ground.

It did not go the same way when the test was repeated by dropping the smartphone backwards, with your present in the back being immediately damaged.

The iPhone SE 2022 also passed the waterproofing tests, proving to be able to withstand well even if immersed in water at a depth of one meter. But the test that certainly passed in the best way is the one concerning the battery life: the iPhone SE 3 is not in fact a phone that drains quickly and easily.