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iPad Air 2022: from the data sheet to the price, everything on the Apple tablet

During the event held on March 8, Apple presented the iPad Air 2022: from the data sheet to the price, everything you need to know.

The first official Apple event of 2022 was held on Wednesday 8 March: the Peek performance . The new products were presented at the event held at the Apple Park in Cupertino and among these the iPad Air 2022 stood out, described by the apple company as “the most versatile and possible ever” (among the products presented there is also the iPhone SE 3 , a close relative of the iPhone 8). Returning to the Apple tablet, let’s now see everything there is to know: from the technical data sheet to the price at which it was put on sale.

iPad Air 2022: the technical sheet

Introducing the iPad Air 2022 let’s start by seeing what the dimensions are. It has a height of 247.6 mm , a width of 178.5 mm , while the thickness is 6.1 mm. The multi-touch display with IPS technology is 10.9 inches.

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It is available both in the Wi-Fi and in the Wi-Fi + Cellular version, in practice in the latter it is possible to insert a SIM to provide it with its own connection to the internet. Going inside the iPad Air 2022 we find an 8-core CPU.

As for the camera, it is instead equipped with a 12 MP wide angle with digital zoom up to 5x. It also has all the various Apps present in the various Apple devices.

iPad Air 2022: colors

The iPad Air 2022 is commercially available in five different colors: space gray , pink , purple , blue , and galaxy (a kind of cream color). Everyone can then choose their model based on the color they prefer.

iPad Air 2022: the price

The price of the iPad Air 2022 varies depending on which version you want to buy. In fact, there are two different versions: the first with a 64 GB memory, the second with a 256 GB memory.

The 64 GB iPad Air 2022 costs 699 euros , while the one with even 256 GB has a price of 869 euros.

iPad Air 2022: reviews

The opinions of those who have already had the opportunity to try the new iPad Air 2022 are generally positive. It strikes the very accurate design, the power that allows it to be attractive even for playing. On the other hand, as also announced by Apple, this is the most versatile iPad ever.

However, some negative aspects were also found: the first concerns the price, considered too high and too similar to that of the iPad Pro, the second instead concerns the battery life. The iPad Air 2022 is very powerful, which is why it consumes more battery and tends to drain faster than previous models.