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Instagram: here’s how to post simultaneously on multiple profiles with the iPhone

Do you have multiple profiles on Instagram and want to post to all of them at the same time? With the iPhone it is possible, here’s how.

Instagram is one of the most appreciated and loved social networks in the world and there are many who have signed up, created their own profile and used it. There are those who also have profiles, have more than one or manage several at the same time (perhaps the work one as well as the personal one) and for this it may be useful to know that on Instagram it is possible to post simultaneously on all accounts. How you do it? Let’s see it together.

Managing multiple Instagram accounts is now easier

A function that those who have two Instagram accounts (and obviously those who have many) have been waiting for a long time. In fact, until now the App allowed you to manage two or more Instagram accounts on the iPhone, but without the possibility of making common posts and stories. In practice, each account remained separate .


This forced those who had multiple Instagram profiles to continuous passages, and to a strange form of regramming : posting the photo or story on one account, then reposting it again on the second account and so on.

Multiple Instagram profiles: how to post to all of them at the same time

If we have an iPhone, the new function is available after updating the App . Then, if we haven’t done so yet, let’s add more accounts to the App.

First, let’s open the Instagram settings (the path is identical for Android and iOS).

Once the settings are open, let’s scroll down to the bottom, where we will find the item add account . We touch the menu and enter the credentials.

If this is the first time we have used two Instagram accounts on the same App, we will notice that next to the profile name there is now a down arrow. From here we can choose one of the accounts we have linked. For the rest, everything works as before.

Now, if we have the latest version of the Instagram App on iPhone, we will notice that when we post a photo , in the final step there is the public entry in other accounts . from here we can directly choose all those on which to post at the same time. Of course we are not forced to do this every time, but it is a great convenience for those who, for example, have several accounts linked to different projects.

Posting to multiple profiles on Instagram, no news for Android

For the moment, the only ones who can benefit from this “automatic regramming” function are Apple users . Unfortunately there is no news yet regarding a possible arrival of this feature on the Android platform.

A choice rather in line with the policies of Instagram, which generally always spreads the news a few days before on the Apple platform. The good news for those who have Android is that usually the arrival of new functions does not take longer than a few days.
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