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How to speed up your Windows computer effectively and easily

If our PC is slow, before spending money on an upgrade, let’s try these tricks to speed up your computer, for free and effortlessly.

It seems like a century has gone by since our shiny new computer seemed blazing fast, while today it is a nail . The good news is that often only the software we installed is to blame. For this reason we can speed up the computer quickly and for free, simply by working on the settings. Here’s how to do it.

Speed ​​up your computer, you work on settings

Among the causes that make a computer slow there are undoubtedly the applications in the background , that is, those that start automatically when the computer starts. These affect both start-up times and the speed of the computer once started, because they take up memory and processor without us realizing it.

Empty the cache and clean the computer history

Some of these are indispensable, for example antivirus , while others are superfluous. To see the complete list and decide which ones to keep, let’s start the Task Manager . We can do this either by right-clicking on the taskbar, or by searching for it in Cortana. If once launched it is presented in the “minimal” version, click on more details .

Once we have the full view, let’s move on to the Startup section. Here we can disable all programs that are not strictly essential, perhaps helping us with an Internet search in case someone seems unknown to us. Just right click on the item and select Disable . Windows itself gives us the ability to search the web.

How to speed up your PC for free: Beware of cloud synchronization applications

Among the programs that start automatically with our computer, those for synchronizing folders in the Cloud deserve particular attention, for example Google Backup and Synchronization (googledrivesync.exe), Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox.

While these are very useful in many respects, they put a lot of work into the hard drive at boot time . This can slow down our computer considerably, particularly if it does not have a “new” SSD-type disk , but has a normal mechanical disk. We consider turning off as many of them as possible, especially if we use several but occasionally.

How to speed up Windows 10 by working on energy savings

One of the other ways to make our computer run faster is to check the power saving settings.

In fact, Windows can manage our hardware components in an advanced way, to ensure the right balance between consumption and performance. Which is great if we want to keep energy costs down, or if we have a laptop. But if we want to speed up windows 10 to the maximum, then we can modify them. Of course it also works to speed up the computer if it has a different version of the operating system, but the latest versions of Windows make more extensive use of the power saving settings.

To access the power saving settings, the easiest thing is, once again, to use Cortana and search for power saver . In the window that opens, click on the up arrow at the top left.

In the power options window we select High performance . If we don’t find it immediately it could be among the additional combinations .

To speed up Windows 10 to the maximum we can use the game mode

With the Creators Update , Windows 10 has entered game mode , which minimizes the activities of the operating system, freeing up all possible resources for other applications. To activate it first we open the Windows 10 settings and open the Games section. In the window that opens, select Game mode and make sure it is activated .

In this way, our computer will make the most of all the performances, at the only “cost” of leaving the background activities a little behind. Let us remember that the activation of the game mode is not permanent , but we must launch it every time we need the computer to be faster. However, it is an excellent system to speed up the PC when we need all the computing capacity possible for the App we are using, even if it is not specifically a game.