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How to pay with your smartphone: all methods

Paying with your smartphone is now possible and there are various methods to be able to do it in complete safety and simplicity: here’s how.

When the first cell phones came on the market, the mere thought of being able to pay with a cell phone seemed like science fiction. Today, however, paying with a smartphone is not only a possible but also very widespread practice: there are several Apps that allow you to do it in total safety and in a very simple way. Making payments with your smartphone also allows for greater fluidity because you are not bound to have the amount necessary for a cash purchase with you, so let’s see what are the best, safest and fastest methods to pay with your smartphone.

Pay with smartphone: Google Pay

The first method we are going to analyze to make payments with the smartphone is Google Pay . Once you have downloaded the App on our smartphone (whatever it is, Android or iOS) it is necessary to connect a credit card from which the money will be deducted.

Payment by smartphone

Google Pay we can use it to pay as if it were a normal credit card or an ATM, simply by bringing it closer to the POS , just like with contactless credit cards. Using this application is really very simple.

Payment by smartphone: Satispay

How does Satispay work ? Using this completely Italian App is very simple: once downloaded on your smartphone (it works on both iPhones and Android smartphones) you have to register by entering your data (even a photo of you), your mobile number, an email address, a PIN code of your choice and the IBAN of the current account from which the money will be withdrawn.

Then you need to establish the weekly budget you want to have available on the App: every week, automatically, the money needed to reach the set amount will be credited from your current account.

Even making payments is really very simple, it will be enough to frame the QR Code of the shop or business in which you want to use Satispay with your smartphone (if it is not displayed, ask the shopkeeper to show it to you), click on ” Pay ” and enter the amount of money you have to pay. At this point the contact will confirm the payment and that’s it. Important thing: Satispay is free, you will not have any nasty surprises and additional expenses when you use it.

How to pay with your smartphone: Apple Pay

The last method of payment with the smartphone that we are going to analyze is Apple Pay . Being an Apple product, it can only be used with iPhones and other smartphones.

It works in a very similar way to Google Pay: first you have to download the App, connect your credit card to it and finally, when you make the purchase you want, just bring your iPhone to the POS and pay via contactless technology, as is the case with credit cards and ATMs.