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How to know who visits my Facebook profile? There is only one way to find out

How to find out who visits my Facebook profile? Many people ask but it can only be known in one case.

It will have happened to everyone to ask at least once “who visits my Facebook profile?”. Let’s make one clear point straight away: there is no way to know. Or rather, there is no way to know unless the person who enters our profile leaves some small mark. Before leaving, let’s be clear: Facebook is a Web service. For simplicity, we can imagine it as a very advanced site. But, as on all sites, we can only read the information that is provided to us . And Zuckerberg’s security experts are certainly not so naive as to “pass on” information that social media does not want to divulge.

App to find out who visits the Facebook profile: are they reliable?

The apps and extensions that promise to show you how to know who visits your Facebook profile are based on wrong assumptions. Some make us understand that in some way our computer or our device can “infiltrate” the Facebook servers. Which is practically impossible . In fact, the few who have succeeded have done so with technical tricks and above all after months of attempts . If an App worth a few euros were enough, everyone would do it. Others, on the other hand, make us believe that somehow the data is already there, hidden . Obviously this is also false. The Facebook pages and apps are passed daily under the microscope by hundreds of experts in search of a “bug” and if it were possible we would know immediately.

In a nutshell, apps and extensions that promise to reveal visitors to a Facebook profile cannot work , simply because there is no way to access that data, assuming it exists.

So there is no way to know who is looking at my Facebook profile?

In short, no. But we went in depth to explain the main methods that are proposed by the Net, and why they don’t work. The most popular method of trying to control who visits a Facebook profile is to use browser extensions. Let’s see how to unmask them.

Extensions to know who visits a Facebook profile: we look at the reviews

If we open the Chrome Web Store, we can find various extensions that make promises. But to see if they really kept them, just look at the reviews . In most cases they report problems or malfunctions. Ultimately, just looking at the experience of other users to realize that these extensions don’t work.

How to see who visits your Facebook profile? Beware of apps that make promises

As above, also in this case the best thing to do is to rely on the experience of other users. On the different mobile stores there are different Apps that should show us visit our Facebook profiles, but most do not even reach two stars out of five . We know the ratings on the App Store are pretty broad, so it’s not hard to draw our own conclusions.

Unfortunately, the problem is not only related to having installed a useless extension or app . Many of these are also harmful, either because they are paid for or, worse, because they misuse our data or are a vehicle for malware. Even one of the most “famous” extensions of this type allows you to see who has visited our profile , but only if they have installed the same extension in turn . So, the only way to spy is… let yourself be spied! Not really a logical choice, in short.

The “InitialChatFriendsList method” is more harmless, but just as ineffective

Among the urban legends, it is also said that to find out who visits our Facebook profile is to look in the code of the Web page (through the view source function present in every browser, we save the technicalities because the method is not effective). Here is an InitialChatFriendsList entry and, just below, a series of numbers of the type xxxxxxxxxxx-2 .

who visits my facebook source profile
According to some, the list of those who have visited my Facebook profile would be hidden in the code of the page. But this too, of course, is false.

According to the legend, these numbers are the identifiers of those who most recently interacted with our page , including visitors not otherwise registered. Too bad it is false : it is nothing more than the contacts that Facebook offers us in the side chat, and which are proposed on the basis of an algorithm that keeps track of dozens of parameters . There are those who went further with the research and tried to consult these contacts, obviously discovering that there is no correlation with the visits .

In short, our curiosity is destined to remain unsatisfied. Unlike Linkedin, where the function is provided, and Whatsapp, where we can at least try a trick , Facebook offers no chance to discover our visitors.

At most, we can try using the same trick seen above for Whatsapp. In fact, since Facebook also has the Stories, the temptation to look at them for our “passionate observers” is strong. Let’s try to share the next update also through our Story and see if anyone falls for it.

So, if you want to know how to find out who visits your Facebook profile unfortunately the question is bound to remain unanswered . Even the tricks you see in dozens of tutorials on YouTube, for example, do nothing more than return fake , random or interaction-based data. Which as we know have nothing to do with profile visits.

Privacy on Facebook: how to increase it

If we have problems with privacy and we are afraid that there is someone who is constantly spying on us, we can work with the Facebook privacy settings and make sure that what we post is visible only to friends. In this way we can at least narrow the field and be sure that we will not be visited by unknown or unwelcome people. Unless they’re among our friends . A good opportunity to also tidy up your contacts.