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How to create profiles on Amazon Prime Video

If you are more than one person using the same Amazon Prime Video account, creating different profiles is a good idea: here’s how.

Do you have a subscription to Amazon Prime Video but, perhaps within your family, are there many who use it? It may therefore be a good solution to create different profiles, one for each person who uses the subscription. This function can also be very useful if the Amazon Prime Video subscription is also used by children because the Parental Control function can be used. Let’s see how Amazon Prime Video profiles are created, remembering that a maximum of 6 can be created for each subscription.

How to manage and create Amazon Prime Video profiles from desktop.

From the Prime Video homepage , click on our username at the top right and from the drop-down menu that will appear, select the Add Profile option.

avatar profile

We enter the name we want for the new profile, also remembering to report it in the correct way to Amazon through the Children category, if we want to insert a parental control .

In this case, we will also have to set a PIN to be used to unblock the vision of any content reported during the use of a child user.

Then click the Save button to store the options.

How to create a new Prime Video profile from a Smartphone.

Warning: this procedure works best if the Amazon account has at least two profiles associated with it. We should create the first profile starting from the desktop environment to avoid bugs related to the smartphone application.

How to manage and create smartphone profiles.

After logging into the Prime Video application, click on the My Videos button at the bottom right.

Once here, click on the arrow next to our profile name at the top left. This will show us the list of profiles currently associated with the account and the default kids profile.

Click on the Create profile button to access the creation screen. We choose the name of the new profile, notify Amazon of the nature of the profile (whether it is intended for children or not) and then click on Save.

To switch to the new profile, just click on the arrow next to the name of the profile currently in use and then choose which user profile to migrate.

How to apply parental control to a Prime Video profile from a smartphone.

In addition to doing this during the creation phase, we can change the nature of a profile (Children or regular) also at a later time. Here’s how to do it.

We access the Prime Video application, select the account on which we want to apply the parental control, click on the gear at the top of the screen and then click on the parental control item.

This will bring us three options: Access Restrictions , Amazon Age Rating and Change Prime Video PIN Code .

Once the 5-digit pin has been created with the last option, it will be possible to select the entry restrictions and here check which contents can be viewed from the account and which not.

How to apply parental controls to your Prime Video desktop profile.

Let’s open our trusted browser and head to Prime Video .

Here we log in with our account, select the profile on which we want to apply the parental control and, from the drop-down menu that appears by clicking on the profile name, select the account and settings item.

From the window that opens, select the Parental Control item to display the parameters with which it will be possible to interact: Pin Prime Video , Pin for purchases and Access restrictions .

We create the 5-digit pin and then select the entry restrictions for which contents can be viewed by the account and which cannot.