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How to convert Word to PDF for free and effortlessly? here’s the answers

How do you convert Word to PDF for free? There are various ways to do this: let’s see which are the quickest to use.

Once, those who wondered how to convert a word file to PDF were faced with a wall of information, complicated and discordant. Today everything is very easy, we can use Word directly . Or one of the many free alternatives. The point is, you no longer need to switch between specific programs , online services, or other very complicated tools.

Probably any of the programs or services we use transforms word into PDF natively, without the need to use specific tools . And even if we use particular or very old programs that do not include this function, we can get help from the Open Source world, which offers many free programs, or from online tools. Here’s how to do it.

Convert Word files to PDF directly with Word

If we have Microsoft Word, things are pretty simple. We open the file that we want to transform into PDF, then click on the File item in the Word menu.

how to convert Word file to PDF word File
Convert word files to PDF: in Word just use the File menu

In the screen that opens, move to the Export menu, choose Create PDF / XPS document and click Create PDF / XPS .

how to convert Word file to PDF word Export PDF
Convert Word to PDF: Microsoft Office has a dedicated function!

At this point all we have to do is save the file in any folder on our computer, just making sure that the item saves as it is set to PDF .

how to convert Word file to PDF word saving
If we have a recent Office package, no word pdf converter is needed

A tip : since this is an integrated feature in Office, we can use this tip to transform files into PDFs starting from any type: spreadsheets , presentations and so on.

How to turn a word file into PDF for free thanks to Windows 10

If we don’t have Word available but our computer is equipped with Windows 10, there is still a quick and direct way to convert from Word to PDF. In fact we can use a new function called Microsoft Print to PDF , which is basically an integrated word to PDF converter, but not only. In fact, it not only converts Word to PDF, but turns any file we can print into PDF.

In other words, thanks to Windows 10 we can convert DOC to PDF without even having to go through the program management system. Just “print it”.

Let’s open the word file with the default program. Usually it is Wordpad, but if the file is visible, we can use any application proposed by the computer.

At this point we use the File menu, choose Print and finally click Print .

Attention! we do not use the Immediate Print menu , which would not allow us to have all the options.

how to convert a word file to PDF print to pdf

In the window that opens, we scroll through all the printers until we find Microsoft Print to PDF . Let’s select it and click Print .

how to convert a word file to pdf print to pdf printer choice
Turn Word into PDF with Wordpad, included with Windows

The system will ask us where to save the file, and that’s it. The only limitation of this system is that Wordpad is a rather simple application, which cannot open Word documents with particularly complex formatting.

how to convert a word file to pdf print to pdf name
Converting Word to PDF for free is easy with Windows 10 and Wordpad

How to turn a word file into PDF for free with alternative programs

By now we should have realized that no Word to PDF converter is needed as a specific program. Virtually any program or App capable of opening documents is in fact capable of transforming them into PDFs.

If we do not have Word and our computer does not have Microsoft Print to PDF, we can always resort to LibreOffice, OpenOffice or many of the free Office packages. As an example we show the LibreOffice function for Writer, but practically all programs have a similar one.

With these applications, things are even easier: just click on the icon that resembles the logo of PDF files directly in the main menu of the program, then choose where to save the file.

turn a Word file into PDF for free libreoffice
LibreOffice and OpenOffice have a button to convert Word files to PDF

How to turn a Word file into PDF for free online, thanks to Google Docs

If for any reason we can’t use any of the above solutions, let’s not lose heart. In fact, we can always use the Google Drive conversion service, which works with practically all office formats.

It is the most reliable and immediate Word PDF conversion tool that we can have available, without the need to search for specific or particular online services . Just use the one we probably already use well.

Of course, the first step is to upload the file to Google Drive , dragging it into the browser window or with any other system. Then we open the file and wait for Drive to convert it to its own format.

Once the file is visible in our browser, we have two options, close to each other.

The first is very quick: in the File menu we will find the Download as item, and among the available formats there is PDF Document.

turn a Word file into PDF online Google Drive
Convert word to PDF thanks to Google Drive.

Otherwise, we can also choose Send as email attachment from the File menu. The window that opens will allow us to directly send our file to multiple recipients (even to ourselves!) Choosing among the formats also the PDF, in fact.

The advantage of this solution is that it also works from mobile , and transforms from doc to PDF in a completely automatic way: if we choose to send the file we don’t even need to download the PDF on our device

Word to PDF: a sea of ​​effortless alternatives

As we know, there are literally dozens of services, online and otherwise, that allow you to convert a Word file to PDF. But none of these are really useful since Office, Windows, and even the free Office alternatives already have the tools to do it. We now know where to find them and save time and effort.

Convert files to PDF: the same rule applies in the Office world

But the advantages of the methods proposed in this guide do not stop at the fact that specific or “miraculous” programs are not needed. The tools we have seen in fact, in addition to being free or already in our possession, have another advantage. In fact , they work with any type of Office document .

In other words, if we want to convert a presentation or an Excel file to PDF, all we have to do is repeat the operations using Powerpoint or Excel , or the free equivalents of LibreOffice or Google Drive.