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Here’s how to backup WhatsApp with Android and iOS

Here’s how to backup your chats on WahtsApp with both Android and iOS: so your conversations won’t be lost.

With any type of device, and not just a computer, backing up is always a good practice in order not to run the risk of losing files, important documents, photos, videos or anything else in the event, for example, of a malfunction of the our device. It can also be very useful to backup WhatsApp: in addition to guaranteeing that we never lose even a chat or a photo sent, it also allows us to change phones completely painlessly . In fact, WhatsApp, as soon as it is installed and configured, recovers data from the last useful backup .

Whatsapp backup: Google Drive is indispensable on Android

WhatsApp backups have always leaned on Google Drive. On Android it is the best choice, since a Google account is essential to use smartphones. In the early days, the space used by WhatsApp chat backups was practically irrelevant. But in recent years people are sharing more and more photos and videos, and the size has grown accordingly.

WhatsApp desktop and mobile

So WhatsApp has begun to “weigh” on our space: it is not uncommon for a WhatsApp backup to reach or exceed the gigabyte of space . Considering that Google offers 15GB of storage in the free version, that’s a sizable chunk .

Android WhatsApp backup: the space occupied will no longer count

Precisely for this reason WhatsApp has closed an agreement with Google. As we can read on the official page of the site, starting from 12 November 2018 WhatsApp backups will not affect the available space.

Good news, with a small downside: backups that have not been updated for more than a year will be deleted automatically. Actually it’s not a big deal: there are only two cases where we could lose something:

  • If we have uninstalled WhatsApp but still want to keep messages and chats
  • If we have changed our phone number or Google account and are keeping the old backups

Two rather infrequent cases, but it is good to know: in this regard, many users are already receiving some information . The good news is that there is nothing to be done if we are not in one of these two cases.

How to backup WhatsApp on Android

Before continuing, let’s consider that our WhatsApp backup is probably already configured correctly . In fact, WhatsApp requires you to configure it immediately after installation. However the fact that it will become “free” is a great opportunity to check our backup .

The first thing to do, as always, is to open the Settings

Then, we follow the following path: we open the Chat menu, then Chat Backup . We will find ourselves in the section of the App where you can manage Google Drive. In this case, if we have no problems with the data connection, we can “expand”. If, on the other hand, we want to save data, we can follow this guide .

The best settings if we want to Save all are:

– Backup to Google Drive Daily ;

– Activate the checkbox next to Include video

The only option with which we must be careful is Backup via : if we choose to do it via Wi-Fi and cellular network, it could heavily affect our tariff plan.

As we can see, including videos, our WhatsApp backup could take a considerable size. If we are not “tight” with the space on Google Drive it is not a big problem. Otherwise we wait for the November deadline and remember to change the backup then.

How to backup WahtsApp on iPhone

There are various ways to backup WahtsApp to iPhone . The first and simplest is the iCloud service that allows us to save everything contained in our iPhone on a virtual space and it is therefore also possible to backup WahtsApp chats.

Or, if you do not want to use iCloud or you cannot use it because the space available to us has run out and you do not want to buy more, you can use alternative programs with iCareFone for WahtsApp Transfer .

Once you have downloaded the program on your computer, just select the “backup” item and select the device you want to buckap.

Backup WhatsApp chats on iPhone

If we don’t want to save all that is contained but it is some information, a quick and easy way to backup WahtsApp conversations is to use Chat Email .

In practice, you just need to access WahtsApp with your device, open the conversation you want to save, click on “Other” and then on “E-mail chat”. Then just type in your email address and that’s it.