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Here are the best Spotify podcasts to listen to

Are you looking for the best podcasts on Spotify to listen to in Italian or another language? Here are our recommendations.

Radio is one of the media that, since its inception, has always conquered people all over the world. The 70s in Italy were those of the proliferation of free radios, in which many made their voices and ideas heard: today, in a certain sense, something similar is happening thanks also to the web. This is how Podcasts are becoming more and more popular: there are many who make them, on the most varied topics, but there are also many who listen to them. One of the most popular and most listened to platforms is Spotify: let’s see then which are the best podcasts on Spotify.

What are Podcasts

Before delving into and discovering which are the best Podcasts on Spotify, let’s see exactly what we mean when we talk about Podcasts: they are simply radio broadcasts that can be listened to on the internet , which can be downloaded, saved and listened to every time. wants.

Smartphone, Podcast App
Smartphone, Podcast App

There are various apps to listen to podcasts (free) and Spotify is undoubtedly one of the best in this sense, as well as being one of the most listened to.

Best Spotify Podcasts

Alessandro Barbero’s podcast: History lectures and conference : the title says it all. It is a collection of lectures by the most beloved professor of history in Italy. It is a truly unmissable collection of audio files, even if it is not a podcast produced by Professor Alessandro Barbero himself.

Bistory : staying on the subject of History, the one with a capital S, we cannot fail to mention this podcast on Spotify produced by Sebastian Paolo Richi and with the voice of Andrea W. Castellanza in which the life of the various historical characters is told in each episode.

Wild musk : it is one of the most popular podcasts on Spotify in Italian, especially among a young audience. To lead it are Fedez and the youtuber Luis who, thanks also to the intervention of various guests, in each episode always deal with different themes.

Limoni : this is the Internazionale podcast that tells, thanks also to various testimonies, one of the most tragic pages in the history of Italy: the days of the 2001 G8 in Genoa.

Morgana : hosted by the writer Michela Murgia, “Morgana: Stories of girls your mother would not have approved” is one of the best podcasts on Spotify, in Italian, which tells the female universe through stories of women who have been able to leave their mark on history thanks to their desire to go against the tide.