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Dark Twitter Theme? Here’s how to activate it

Here’s how to change the theme on Twitter: the black background saves energy and is also good for your eyes. Here’s how to activate it.

How to activate the dark theme on Twitter? This is a question that many are asking themselves since, as happens with many other sites and social networks, it is possible to have Twitter with a black background instead of a white one. It is not just a question of fashion: that in particular on mobile devices, but more generally on those that use LED screens, the dark theme allows a certain energy saving . Which means batteries in our smartphones, tablets and even laptops that last longer.

Black Twitter: what changes with the dark theme?

In truth, Twitter had a dark theme, on both Android and Desktop, for a long time. Now the developers have also added a “super dark” mode. But since apparently no one likes easy things, the old dark theme has become soft lights and the even darker one has become lights off .


Net of the definitions, what’s important is that we have two dark theme variations to choose from. Here’s how to do it.

How to activate the Dark Twitter Theme on Android

First we open the App and touch the photo of our profile at the top left. At the bottom left we will see the symbol of a light bulb . Tapping it will immediately activate the Soft Lights theme.

If instead we want to choose which of the two dark themes to use, we use the settings and privacy item, then Display and sounds . In the screen that opens we will find the Display section with indicated Dark Mode and Dark Mode Appearance .

As for the first option, we can choose whether to activate or deactivate it; the second allows us to choose between the two types of dark theme.

How to activate the dark Twitter theme on desktop and how to deactivate it

If we use Twitter from our browser things are even more immediate. All we have to do is open the Twitter home page and click on the three horizontal dots ( More ) at the bottom right.

In the menu that opens, choose the Appearance item. In the window that opens we will be able to choose, among other things, between Default , Soft lights and Lights off .