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Women’s volleyball, the best Italians of the 25th day of A1. Malinov and Lubian sign the Scandicci company in Novara


Women’s volleyball, the best Italians of the 25th day of A1

OPHELIA MALINOV: What better way to celebrate the first European cup in history than going to conquer the Novara field with a sharp 3-0? A victory that bears the signature of the blue setter who manages the moments of difficulty in the best possible way and makes the right choices at the right time with precision and tactical acumen.

MARINA LUBIAN: A game of substance as a starter for the Scandicci power station that closes its match in Novara with 9 points, two blocks, an ace and an excellent 67% in attack.

PAOLA EGONU: Relentless, as always. Take home 30 points in 4 sets with 60% attacking, an ace and a block. We will miss him but especially the fans of Conegliano.

SARAH FAHR: She is back to all intents and purposes, as strong as before. Closes the game with Chieri with 10 points, a devastating 89% in attack and two blocks.

ANASTASIA GUERRA: Once again she scores many points and is searched with great frequency by her lifter. There are 19 points scored against Cuneo with 44% in attack, 2 blocks, 3 aces and 40% in reception. It is not enough to move the ranking to the Umbrians.

NOEMI SIGNORILE: High quality conductor. He grows up in the match after a difficult start and manages the decisive phases of the match in the best possible way, often finding the right solutions.

VITTORIA PIANI: Once again, in the game from last resort, she is the one who takes on the greatest weight in attack. Decisive in the victory of Trento in Rome with 17 points in total, including three aces and an excellent 54% in attack.

ANNA DANESI: Another quality match for the Azzurri central who contributes to the success of Monza over Vallefoglia with 10 points, 75% in attack and a block.

SYLVIA NWAKALOR: Decisive, once again, in the comeback of the Florentine. She suffers, like her teammates, at the start of the game, then goes wild and takes home 28 points with an ace, a block and 55% in attack.

EMMA GRAZIANI: The change that … changes the game. Enter and system reception and attack of the Tuscans. He closes the match with 9 points in just over two sets, two blocks, 58% in attack and 50% in reception.

SARA LODA: He is in great shape, he starts very strong but his good performance is not enough in Bergamo to conquer even that little point that would have been fundamental in terms of salvation. Closes with dream numbers: 21 points, 54% in reception, an ace, three blocks and 59% in attack.

Photo LiveMedia / Lisa Guglielmi