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Women’s handball, Serie A 2021-2022: Brixen and Mestrino continue to win


Day of recoveries for women’s handball. Brixen Südtirol and Alì-Best Espresso Mestrino impose themselves in the recovery of the 14th matchday of Serie A, the predictions of the eve have been fully respected.

Let’s start with the South Tyrolean team, a team that stretches in the regular season rankings. The girls from Hubi Nössing put on a show with Santa and Ghilardi as protagonists of the day. The final outcome was clear right from the start , Cassano Magnago had to raise the white flag for 28 to 19.

The meeting between Mestrino and Cellini Padova was decidedly more fought. The Venetian derby sees the Paduan players surrender 31-26 at the end of a second half in which there was no history. Luchin and his teammates continue to win and move to second overall position with two points over Jomi Salerno (1 game less).

Women’s handball, Serie A 2021-2022: new defeat in Salerno, Brixen continues to win

The championship will return on 12 March with a definitive picture of the situation. In fact, we recall the recoveries expected between February 27 and March 2, a situation due to the health emergency that ‘slowed down’ the activity of the women’s Serie A.


Brixen Südtirol 27 points **, Alì-Best Espresso Mestrino 26, Jomi Salerno 24 *, Cassa Rurale Pontinia 22 *, Casalgrande Padana 15 *, Cellini Padova 15, Ariosto Ferrara 14 *, AC Life Style 14, Cassano Magnago 14 *, Leno 5 *, Guerriere Malo 4, Mezzocorona 4
** two games less
* one game less