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Women’s basketball: Famila Schio, in Prague one afternoon for Euroleague glory. Access to the Final Four is up for grabs


For twenty years an Italian team has not entered the top four of the Euroleague. The Famila Schio, which in Europe is also sponsored by Beretta, will try tomorrow at 18:00. 40 minutes all to live at the Kralovka Arena against ZVVZ USK Prague , for the decisive game-3 of the quarter-finals that could lead this group towards horizons never touched.

Hunt for a historic first time for the team now coached by Giorgios Dikaioulakos , which has so far been able to give its players the right tactical plans to keep a team at bay, the Czech one, with a basic quintet of undoubted strength, but from the bench reduced to almost nothing from various injury problems.

And this is precisely one of the keys to tomorrow’s match: how much will Prague have been affected by Schio’s confrontation in terms of waste of energy? It must be remembered: the rotation of the USK is six, sometimes seven players, while the Famila can resort to a much wider rotation, with extremely variable solutions.

Women’s basketball, Euroleague 2022: Schio beats USK Prague at home and draws the score. Friday night the ‘beautiful’ in the Czech Republic

So many sketches have been confirmed over the course of the series: Prague’s speed on the counterattack when left free to show it off, the difficulty in keeping the Thomas-Jones duo, Conde’s flare-ups on one side, Jasmine’s growth in all senses Keys, Gruda’s ability to duel under the basket, the reliability of three of many and the immense experience of Giorgia Sottana on the other.

A fundamental aspect so far is that the best attack of the Euroleague has been severely limited: 72 points awarded in Prague, 56 in Schio, a symptom of an important defensive ability. All this despite the (predictable) rebound superiority of the Czechs, given the size of Thomas and Jones which inevitably creates this type of gap.

One of the great forces that has characterized the Famila year, so far, is the compactness of the group , which has always been large and shown in every way, both on the pitch and outside through numerous social clues. And the charge, already shortly after the end of game-2, was played by Sottana, mixing together the charge of the very warm Scledense public and the desire to reach the most important goal of their club career, moreover in the team. in which he lived the years of consecration at the international level.

After 65 minutes out of 80 spent leading the dances between one match and another, the time has come for Schio to give a step further to that circle he started composing in Italy in 1996, with the first Italian Cup, and in Europe. in 2000, with the first Ronchetti Cup. And to resume a journey that, for Italian basketball, was interrupted too long ago. However, we must go from eliminating Natalia Hejkova, the most successful Euroleague women’s coach ever.