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Women’s basketball: Famila Schio, decisive match-2 at home against Prague to extend the Euroleague quarterfinals


Inside or out: at PalaRomare the Famila Schio tomorrow (19:30) everything will be played in 40 minutes against ZVVZ USK Prague , trying to play the card for the 1-1 in the series of quarter-finals of the women’s Euroleague 2021- 2022. If successful, they would return to the Czech Republic on Friday 18 at 18:30.

In the first leg for at least two and a half quarters, the team coached by Giorgios Dikaioulakos proved to be superior, managing to contain the big Americans as much as possible and to cancel Conde. Only that the latter, in the final 5 minutes, was literally unleashed, mending the tear with the contribution of a defense that became suffocating. And for Schio an important bitterness has come, to be canceled now with the support of the public friend.

The first leg was missing Diamond DeShields , who had not been able to set foot on the pitch due to a muscle strain and is perhaps also the missing link in the defensive phase given the 5 fouls in 14 minutes that Crippa, in difficulty, was forced to spend.

Basketball, women’s Euroleague 2022: Prague Schio comeback in the final and wins game-1 for 72-70

Three fundamental themes of the confrontation of the Kralovka Arena will be repeated : more performing the USK inside the painted one, with more arrows in the bow from outside the Famila. Furthermore, Prague has decidedly shorter rotations than the Scledense club, a factor that in the first match ended up not having a weight, but which can be important in the moment in which important problems of fouls begin to be seen. Also important is the Jones-Gruda fight near the basket, which already last week contributed in an important way to keeping Schio on the level he found for most of the afternoon in the Czech Republic.

These are the words released on the eve by Dikaioulakos’ deputy, Alessandro Fontana : “ The key word is details for 40 minutes. We showed in the first game that we can play excellent basketball. Looking back at the game, the feeling it leaves us is of having had the chance to win it until the last possession. And game-1 has shown that our basketball can put them in difficulty both in the defensive and offensive phase. They will try to follow the trend of the last quarter. Strategy, in a best-of-3 series, is the key part. We know that there are more or less easy match moments. We will have to stay on the match floor for 40 minutes. Prague has “only” 6 players, but all highly experienced, who know how to manage themselves on the pitch. We have many more players to be able to rotate, and it will be essential in a possible game-3. They will want to close the series here, even for this “.