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Will the 2022 Davis Cup award points for the ATP rankings? The rules


The 2022 Davis Cup in tennis will see the preliminary round taking place on Friday 4 and Saturday 5 , which will promote 12 countries to the group stage of the Finals, scheduled for 14 to 18 September : Italy will seek the pass for the second phase of the competition in Slovakia .

In any case, what will not change next Monday , at least as far as the players involved in the Davis Cup are concerned, will be the ATP ranking (the ATP Tour is stopped this week, while the Challenger Tour is played regularly), as no points will be awarded . (while the expiring ones will be discarded regularly).

The Davis Cup, in fact, had introduced a system for the attribution of ATP points only in the seasons from 2009 to 2015 , and only for the rounds from the World Group play-offs onwards , but then the experiment was soon abandoned after just seven years .