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Wheelchair Curling, Paralympics 2022: China defeats Sweden and wins the gold medal


China wins the gold medal in Mixed Wheelchair Curling at the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics. The boys led by Qingshuang Yue beat Sweden with a score of 8-3 and climb to the top of the world.

Haitao Wang, Jianxin Chen, Mingliang Zhang, Zhuo Yan and Yulong Sun (reserve): these are the names of the five Chinese heroes capable of winning the Five Circles race. The Swedes Viljo Pettersson-Dahl, Ronny Persson, Mats-Ola Engborg, Kristina Ulander and Sabina Johansson (reserve) must therefore be satisfied with the silver medal.

The start of the game is very balanced and in the first end neither team manages to find the point. The second and third partial see instead a point on each side and thus we arrive at 1-1 at the fourth end. Here Pettersson-Dahl is phenomenal in removing the opponent’s stone in his last shot and allows his teammates to take the lead (1-2).

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The final therefore seems all in the balance and instead here is the turning point: in the fifth set China takes advantage of the mistakes of the group led by Alison Kreviazuk to win 4 points and fly 5-2. Sweden tries to react in the sixth end with a point, but the seventh fraction is once again one-way for the home team that secures another 3 points (8-3). At this point the gap between the two teams is too wide and Sweden finally surrenders by delivering the gold to China.