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Volleyball, Women’s Champions League 2022, quarter-finals. Conegliano one step away from the third consecutive final. Monza: the company is needed


It had to be a challenge in the name of balance as seen up to last Wednesday but when Conegliano is involved and the game counts, it is difficult to put the Venetian team in difficulty. Imoco dominated the first leg of the fourth which is worth a semifinal on the field of Vero Volley Monza and today they want to complete the job: two sets divide the Veneto from the third consecutive final and the situation that, a week ago, seems slightly favorable to Brianza, has completely overturned.

Monza had given the impression until two weeks ago that it had found the continuity and quality that it had lacked in previous seasons and Conegliano arrived at the first leg apparently with shortness of breath, a duty to be paid to one year, last, lived always at the maximum, and closer and closer to the end of this extraordinary cycle of victories, which cannot be ruled out that another equally positive cycle may follow.

The Monza project has grown considerably over the course of the season. The Brianza team started almost quietly but slowly raised the blows by finding the right set-up with an Orro more and more convincing in the direction, a Stysiak that has found the right continuity and is confirming itself as one of the best strikers in the league, Danesi and Rettke very solid. in the center and a battery of high ball attackers to rival any other club in the Old Continent, with the expert Olympian Jordan Larson who went to reinforce a department that could already count on the European champion Alessia Gennari and on two players of the value of Lazovic and Davyskiba. Parochial is the free player of the team that until Sunday was at the top of the championship but, as happened also in Conegliano, suffered the second consecutive defeat (after the one against the Veneto in the Cup last Wednesday) giving in to the tie break on the field of the big kill Florence.

The Imoco Conegliano, on the other hand, seems to have put behind the injuries that progressively hit Fahr (who returned just last Sunday), Folie, Sylla and De Gennaro, four Italian pillars of the Venetian team that also had to deal with Covid, as it did not happen to her in the 2020/2021 season of grace.

Despite everything , Santarelli’s team has raised a couple of trophies (Supercoppa and Coppa Italia) and wants to close the “Egonu era” with other satisfactions that make the hegemony of these years become legendary and perhaps lead to continuity for the future. Also important on the return is the contribution of the receiving hammers, a role in which the Venetians are suffering this season, with Sylla, Plummer and Courtney struggling to keep up with their rivals, a role in which the lack of a player of the characteristics is so much felt. by Kimberly Hill, decisive last year for the conquest of the Champions League and difficult to replace. In the championship, this year, one win each: 3-2 for Conegliano in Monza in the first leg, 3-1 for Monza in the Veneto region in the return leg. Teams on the field tomorrow, Thursday 17 March, at 20.30 in Conegliano.

Photo LiveMedia / Valerio Origo