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Tennis, Rafael Nadal: “Right sanction to Alexander Zverev, we hope it will serve as a warning”


In the ATP tournament in Acapulco 2022 Rafael Nadal is still in the running, after the success against the American Stefan Kozlov, but the exclusion from the event of the German Alexander Zverev is still holding the ball, after an outburst in the last match played.

Nadal spoke on the issue at a press conference. “ I understand the frustration and I understand that you can break a racket. I don’t like it because I’ve been trained very specifically in stress management, but I can understand that. What is not lawful is to incur an excessive lack of respect towards the referees ; this is another thing and the ATP does well to maintain a position of strength to avoid it “.

However, now is not the time for Nadal to blame on Zverev and his frustration. “ I think it was an isolated incident that must be forgiven , everyone can make mistakes. It is clear that now there will be decisions that will be able to curb this type of behavior more strongly, which seems to be a bit fashionable lately, but I hope the sanction is not very severe and we will soon be able to see it on the track ” .