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Taekwondo: will the new experimental scoring system arrive in Paris 2024?


Ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games , taekwondo is trying to change something in its scoring system for awarding victory in various tournament matches. This is the news that came from the recent Spanish Open 2022, a G2 classification event, held in Alicante.

In practice , we move from the cumulative counting of points at the end of the three two-minute rounds to the counting of individual rounds for the assignment of 1 point on a scale similar to that of tennis sets in 2 out of 3.

What does this entail? That a taekwondoka, for example, if he proves capable of winning the first two rounds, would end the match two minutes earlier than the classic duration of a match, but on the other hand it would also mean that, for example, one or a athlete could lose one round 25-0 and then win the following with the score of 3-0 and 5-0 and win the contest.

Taekwondo, Spanish Open 2022: Italy celebrates the bronze of Giada Al Halwani

The novelty, at the moment, does not seem to have garnered a great consensus . But you know: the experiments need time to try to be assimilated and understood, especially if the idea of ​​World Taekwondo is to bring this scoring system to Paris 2024.

From what we have been able to understand in this first weekend , tactics will be privileged. So a more “clean and reasoned” style of taekwondo and perhaps less Garibaldi.

We will therefore see in the coming months how conditions will change and which athletes will be more ready after this modification which, for the moment, is experimental, but which cannot be ruled out.