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Taekwondo, Spanish Open 2022: Italy celebrates Giada Al Halwani’s bronze


The Italy of taekwondo returns from Alicante, and from the Spanish Open 2022, with good and important news. In fact, in the Iberian G2 classification tournament, the blue colors can celebrate Giada Al Halwani’s third place in the -57 kg category for women.

Let’s go on the whole to see how things went for the representatives of the Bel Paese in an event which, it should be remembered, had a new system for assigning points to win individual matches. In fact, the winner of the matches is no longer who scores the most points over the three rounds per duel, but who wins the most individual rounds, out of the three scheduled, within a contest. Something very similar to 2/3 of tennis tournaments.

– 54 kg:
Andrea Conti, after eliminating the Irish Diallo in the round of 16, with a sharp score of 2-0, had to yield in the quarterfinals to the Turkish Polat, who was able to regulate him with the same score.

– 63 kg: for Daniel Lo Pinto and Dennis Barretta the exact same route. Both out, unfortunately in the first round, respectively at the hands of the British Tyrone Moores (2-0) and the Turkish Ahmet Kusku.

– 68 kg: Simone Crescenzi climbs up to the quarter-finals, beating the host Marc Gracian (2-1) and the Egyptian Barakat (2-0) in order, then being stopped in his run-up by the Spanish Caballero.

– 46 kg:
fight but not enough, Martina Corelli immediately goes out in the first round of her scoreboard losing 2-1 against the Turkish Ouhadi Rabab.

– 53 kg: Sarah Al Halwani slams on the rock of the quarter-finals represented by the Serbian Bogdanovic (2-1). A real shame because the blue in the first two matches seemed very brilliant, as evidenced by the 2-0 inflicted first on the British Chun Yee Lee and then on the Israeli Chamilevsky.

– 57 kg: Paulina Armeria gets rid of the Polish Mariska Halinda (2-1) and, in the second round of the Spanish Reimundez (2-0), but at the best she is beaten, in the quarters, by the Turkish Ilgun, who wins 2-1 .
Giada Al Halwani instead makes herself the author of an extraordinary test, which is crowned with bronze. A convincing 2-0 debut against the Spanish Gabriela Garcia, then the same treatment – in the second round – to the Portuguese Cunha and – in the quarterfinals – to the other hostess on the scoreboard, namely E. Torres. From there the semifinal, where however comes a defeat. A knockout that nevertheless yields a place on the podium.