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Strade Bianche Donne 2022, Longo Borghini wants to fight against the Dutch: hard and exciting path


Saturday will be the day of the Strade Bianche: a relatively young race, born in 2007, but which in the course of these fifteen years has given many emotions, imposing itself almost like a great classic. Since 2015, the women’s test has also been held, immediately entering the World Tour circuit, becoming an appointment in which the best of one-day races compete seamlessly.

Departure from the Medici Fortress of Siena, arrival in Piazza del Campo : the two extremes coincide with the men’s race, but the route will be quite different. First of all, the women’s race will start two and a half hours early, at 9.10; beyond this, even the path that the two platoons will face will not be the same. The women’s race will end after 136 kilometers, 48 ​​less than the men’s counterpart: there will also be fewer white road sectors, 8 against 11 in the other race for a total of 31.6 kilometers, but this does not mean that the race will be less exciting.

The start is in fact shared with the men’s race: in Vidritta the first attacks can begin, while in Bagnaia, one of the longest stretches of almost 6 kilometers, another strong jolt is expected in the race. Radi and La Piana will put a little effort on the group; then the stretches of Lucignano d’Asso and Pieve a Salti are skipped, 20 kilometers practically attached to dirt roads, the prerogative of men.

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The other big absentee is the dreaded sector of Monte Sante Marie, one of the focal points of the men’s race with 11.5 kilometers of dirt road. However, San Martino in Grania will be present previously, which offers almost all 9500 meters uphill; between -25 and -12 instead the last three difficulties, Monteaperti (800 meters but with a tear that exceeds 10%), followed later by Colle Pinzuto (2400 meters, but which also touch 15%) and the closure at Le Tolfe, 1100 meters but which climb up to 18%.

The final phase will instead offer numerous ups and downs, up to the Via Esterna di Fontebranda , which crosses the last kilometer; a hypothetical group will play everything in the last stretch 500 meters from the finish, that of Santa Caterina, which also reaches 16%; whoever crosses the hill first will be able to start slightly downhill towards the finish line in Piazza del Campo.

In the last four seasons Siena has become a Dutch fiefdom: last year Chantal Blaak continued the streak that began with Anna van der Breggen in 2018 and continued with Annemiek van Vleuten . Elisa Longo Borghini will try to put a spoke in the wheel of the Dutchmen: the success of 2017 was followed by three other podium finishes, which underline her affinity with the race. But last year’s second place still burns, the Olympic bronze is expected to want to play all his cards to score another important success in his great career.