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Speed ​​skating, Francesca Lollobrigida and the desire to play the role of primator in the 2022 World Cup


Versatility and consistency : these are the requirements to be at the top in the Allround Speed ​​Skating World Championships scheduled in Hamar (Norway) . In the world championship that contains the two formats (Sprint and Allround), Francesca Lollobrigida will once again want to play the role of the best actress.

The “Lollo” was the Polar Star of the blue movement in the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing (China) . Two medals (a silver in the 3000 meters and a bronze in the mass start) to make history and demonstrate uncommon qualities. She, in her eternal heart and soul, was able to transfer that talent to the ice and with willpower she reached decidedly ambitious goals. Appetite, however, comes with eating and therefore the aim is to improve one’s best result in a world competition of this type, that is the fifth place of the 2017-2018 season.

Francesca has the opportunity because on the icy oval in Beijing she displayed any versatility: second in the 3000 meters, sixth in the 1500 meters and fourth in the 5000 meters, with the adjoining Italian record literally shattered . The ingredients, therefore, for a delicious cake are all there.

Speed ​​skating, world duels Roest-van der Poel and Schouten-Takagi in the Allround, Lollobrigida and Ghiotto to amaze

Of course, the roster of opponents is remarkable . The two Dutch Irene Schouten (three times gold in Beijing in the 3000, 5000 meters and mass start) and Antoinette de Jong (European Allround champion in 2021) and the Japanese Miho Takagi (silver in the 500 meters, gold in the 1000 meters and silver in the 1500 meters in Beijing) seem to be the main candidates for the final success.

However, it will be necessary to understand the level of condition in view of this event, considering that the Games have represented the main target for everyone and everyone.