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Ski jumping, Oslo 2022 World Cup. Women return to where they competed for the first time on Large Hill


The Women’s Ski Jumping World Cup moves from Lillehammer to Oslo , where the second and final stage of the 2022 edition of Raw Air will be staged, which at least for women will not be shorter than the previous two. The only change will be represented by the fact of having a double-header in the Norwegian capital, where de facto proof is recovered that it cannot be staged in Trondheim due to the modernization of the ski jump in preparation for the 2025 World Cup .

Oslo is to all intents and purposes a fixed presence in the calendar of the maximum pink circuit, having hosted a competition in every season so far staged. The last two winters are an exception, when, however, causes of force majeure have arisen. In 2020 the scheduled race was canceled due to the prohibitive weather conditions, while in 2021 Norway was unable to organize any event of an international nature due to the stringent legislation imposed by the government on the subject of quarantine for entry into the country.

It should be noted that since 2013 the athletes have been competing on the Large Hill called Holmenkollenbakken , on which 7 tests valid for the Crystal Ball have so far been held.
On this plant the most successful woman of all is the Japanese Sara Takanashi , able to impose herself on 3 occasions (2014, 2015, 2016). The other successes went to the American Sarah Hendrickson (2013), the Japanese Yuki Ito (2017), the Norwegian Maren Lundby (2018) and the Austrian Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (2019).
Moreover Hendrickson and Iraschko-Stolz also boast a success on the small trampoline , called Midtstubakken. The American excelled there in 2012, while the Styrian won the 2011 world championship gold there.

Women’s Ski Jumping World Cup ranking 2021-2022: Marita Kramer at +254 on Kriznar after Hinzenbach

Returning to the Large Hill, if you look at the podiums there are seven athletes still in action who have collected at least one place in the top-three . This ranking is also led by Takanashi .
5 – TAKANASHI Sara [JPN] (3-2-0)
3 – LUNDBY Maren [NOR] (1-1-1)
3 – ITO Yuki [JPN] (1-0-2)
2 – IRASCHKO-STOLZ Daniela [AUT] (1-1-0)
1 – SEYFARTH Juliane [GER] (0-1-0)
1 – SEIFRIEDSBERGER Jacqueline [AUT] (0-0-1)
1 – AVVAKUMOVA Irina [RUS] (0-0-1)
1 – ALTHAUS Katharina [GER] (0-0-1)

Looking at the various national movements , it is not surprising that Japan is indisputably the hegemonic power.
8 (4-2-2) – JAPAN
3 (1-1-1) – NORWAY
3 (1-1-1) – AUSTRIA
2 (1-1-0) – USA
2 (0-1-1) – GERMANY
1 (0-1-0) – SLOVENIA
1 (0-0-1) – CANADA
1 (0-0-1) – RUSSIA
At home in Italy the best result ever is the 5th place obtained by Elena Runggaldier in March 2013 .
Furthermore, it should not be forgotten how the Val Gardena won a historic silver medal at the 2011 World Cup . However, the world championship competition was held on the aforementioned Midtstubakken .

It must be emphasized that 2022 brings with it an unprecedented double dynamic. First of all, two individual races will be held instead of just one as usual, precisely due to the impossibility of using the Lillehammer springboard. In the second instance we will see a mixed team test , which however will have no value in the final Raw Air ranking.