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Ski jumping, men’s Italy fight (well) with few weapons. Instead how much potential wasted among the blue!


The Men ‘s Ski Jumping World Cup ended yesterday in Planica . The women’s circuit in turn should have closed its doors on March 27 in Chaikovsky, but due to the cancellation of the stages in Russia it ended early two weeks ago. With the bowls stopped, what balance can we draw for the blue team ? Let’s analyze it, trying to be as direct and clear as possible.

Let’s start with the happiest notes, that is, from men . Yes, you read that correctly. In 2021-22 the greatest satisfactions came from the men’s sector, since we reason following the logic of the pound for pound . The good Giovanni Bresadola has been able to assert himself, entering the top 25 at the World Flight Championships for the second consecutive edition, breaking into the points area three times and exceeding the World Cup qualifiers in 70% of cases. The twenty-year-old from Trentino is still very young for the canons of the current ski jump, so he probably has further margins for growth. Alex Insam showed a small technical recovery in the final part of the winter. Nothing striking, but just enough to keep alive the hope of bringing it back to a decent level. In his case, there are 24 springs, there is still plenty of time to try, especially if from now on he should have a stable technical guide, a situation that has been alien to him in recent times. In addition, Francesco Cecon , a contemporary of Bresadola, began to take measurements with the maximum circuit. The Friulian has passed a qualification and, with a bit of luck, they could have done it a couple more times.

All right, let’s talk about crumbs . The writer is aware of this. However, the starting conditions must always be taken into consideration. First of all, the current men’s ski jump is a discipline in which six countries do good and bad weather, sharing almost entirely the pie of weight results and leaving the others with very little to feast on. Secondly, we must not forget the small numbers of the blue movement. Currently the men eligible for the maximum circuit can be counted on the fingers of one hand and those engaged in the international arena, between first, second and third level, were only six. In short, it is an authentic tricolor flame that struggles not to go out. Moreover, succeeding, at least for the moment. Much more could not be asked of the Italian children, whose 2021-22 may not be “satisfactory” in the fullest sense of the term, but by virtue of the ambitions of four months ago, it can still be defined as acceptable . The prospects for mid-November were in fact very clear, as can be verified by re-reading what was written at the time.

Ski jumping, men’s Italy has three arrows in the quiver. The goal is to behave with dignity

The other half of the sky, on the other hand, is decidedly darker. The balance of the women ‘s sector is in fact negative for a very simple reason. Far more potential is being wasted than the results suggest , especially as Lara and Jessica , the “surviving” Malsiner sisters, have both regressed sharply at the same time.

This just expressed is not an opinion. It is an incontrovertible fact . The author of the article has the bad habit of wanting to thoroughly analyze the subjects he deals with and, in order to do it better, he also takes care of archiving the results of each race. In order to explain in detail the parable of the two South Tyrolean women, a series of data is provided on the performance in the first level competitions (Olympics, World Championships, World Cup) faced in their careers, divided by season.


2016-17 SEASON (16 YEARS)
Competitions played: 9
Best result: 15th place
Admissions in the top ten: 0
Admissions in the top thirty: 1 (11.1%)
Misses: 1 (11.1%)

SEASON 2017-18 (17 YEARS)
Competitions played: 14
Best result: 8th place
Admissions in the top ten: 3 (21.4%)
Admissions in the top thirty: 14 (100%)
Missed Qualifiers: None

SEASON 2018-19 (18 YEARS)
Competitions played: 21
Best result: 7th place (Twice)
Admissions in the top ten: 3 (14.3%)
Admissions in the top thirty: 20 (95.2%)
Failure to qualify: 1 ​​(due to disqualification)

SEASON 2019-20 (19 YEARS)
Competitions played: 15
Podiums: 1
Best result: 3rd place
Admissions in the top ten: 5 (33.3%)
Admissions in the top thirty: 15 (100%)
Missed Qualifiers: None

SEASON 2020-21 (20 YEARS)
Competitions played: 10
Best result: 11th place
Admissions in the top ten: 0
Admissions in the top thirty: 8 (80%)
Failure to qualify: 2 (Both due to disqualification)

SEASON 2021-22 (21 YEARS)
Competitions played: 15
Best result: 12th place
Admissions in the top ten: 0
Admissions among the top thirty: 7 (46.6%)
Missed Qualifiers: None


SEASON 2019-20 (17 YEARS)
Competitions played: 3
Best result: 36th place
Failure to qualify: 2

SEASON 2020-21 (18 YEARS OLD)
Competitions played: 10
Best result: 15th place
Admissions in the top thirty: 8 (80%)
Failure to qualify: 1

SEASON 2021-22 (19 YEARS)
Competitions played: 11
Best result: 26th place
Admissions among the top thirty: 3 (27.3%)
Failure to qualify: 4

Two questions arise spontaneously.

  1. How come Lara Malsiner , who for four years never missed the points area except when she was disqualified, struggled to get there in the winter just ended? This is not an episodic situation. His performance had already dropped last season , as evidenced by the fact that he was no longer able to break through the top-ten, which was instead hit eleven times in the three previous years. We are talking about a girl close to 22 springs in a discipline where she can blossom even at 26. We are certainly not in the presence of a descending parable.
  2. Why was Jessica Malsiner , who regularly entered the top thirty in 2020-21 and also ranks among the top fifteen, was herself the victim of a regression? Nor can a physiological situation be disturbed, since we are speaking of a teenager , but the technical involution has appeared evident. Moreover, the contemporary step of the shrimp of the sister should make us reflect before the process continues.

Let me be clear, here we do not point the finger at anyone , neither the athletes, nor the technicians. It wouldn’t be productive in any way. However, at the same time, it is evident that we cannot continue like this because the Malsiner sisters have evidently taken a bad turn . It is therefore necessary to reflect on how and why we have reached this point, without seeking excuses and taking the appropriate countermeasures, in order to stem the dispersion of two talents who can potentially give satisfaction from here to Milan-Cortina 2026 and 2030 . .