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Ski jumping, Hinzenbach World Cup 2022. It’s back to where Lara Malsiner won her only podium


With the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games passed into annals, the Women’s Ski Jumping World Cup restarts, which still has many competitions scheduled between now and the end of March. A “classic” of the maximum pink circuit is scheduled for the weekend, as it will be competed in Hinzenbach , Austria.

The Oberösterreich locality has a great tradition, being a center where the discipline has been practiced since the 1930s . Nonetheless, the first trampoline capable of hosting events of an international nature was only built in the 21st century and, moreover, it had a troubled construction. The laborious erection of the Aigner-Schanze lasted four years (2006-2010), being slowed down both by bureaucratic delays and by the damage caused to the construction site by a summer “water bomb”. Although the cost of the structure has more than tripled compared to expected, it was finally completed, becoming the spearhead of the complex called “Energie AG-Skisprung Arena”, which since then regularly hosts women’s World Cup competitions. In this 2022 there will be three races, two individual and one team.

The team event will be an absolute novelty for Hinzenbach, where instead 17 individual races valid for the Crystal Ball have already been held (only Lillehammer and Zao can boast more). Six different jumpers have so far won on the Aigner-Schanze. Among them who has collected the most successes is the Japanese Sara Takanashi , who rose to 8 (always two at a time in 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2021). There are also 3 statements for the Austrian Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (two in 2012, one in 2015). The Norwegian Maren Lundby (bis in 2019) and the Austrian Chiara Hölzl (double in 2020) celebrated on 2 occasions. Finally, there is also 1 acute for the German Carina Vogt (2015) and for the Slovenian Nika Kriznar (2021).

Ranking Women’s Ski Jumping World Cup 2021-2022: Marita Kramer remains in the lead after Ljubno

If you look at the podiums , there are even seventeen women still in action who have collected at least one place in the top-three . This ranking is also commanded by Takanashi, who just last year detached Iraschko-Stolz.
10 – TAKANASHI Sara [JPN] (8-1-1)
8 – IRASCHKO-STOLZ Daniela [AUT] (3-5-0)
5 – LUNDBY Maren [NOR] (2-1-2)
4 – VOGT Carina [GER] (1-2-1)
3 – KRIZNAR Nika [SLO] (1-2-0)
3 – ALTHAUS Katharina [GER] (0-1-2)
2 – HÖLZL Chiara [AUT] (2-0-0)
2 – PINKELNIG Eva [AUT] (0-1-1)
2 – OPSETH Silje [NOR] (0-0-2)
1 – SEYFARTH Juliane [GER] (0-1-0)
1 – KLINEC Ema [SLO] (0-1-0)
1 – VTIC Maja [SLO] (0-0-1)
1 – KYKKÄNEN Julia [FIN] (0-0-1)
1 – ROGELJ Spela [SLO] (0-0-1)
1 – SEIFRIEDSBERGER Jacqueline [AUT] (0-0-1)
1 – MALSINER Lara [ITA] (0-0-1)
1 – KVANDAL Eirin Maria [NOR] (0-0-1)

Looking at the various national movements , Japan will also be the most successful country ever, however host Austria has collected a higher number of podiums, despite having remained dry in the three races of 2021.
13 (5-6-2) – AUSTRIA
10 (8-1-1) – JAPAN
8 (2-1-5) – NORWAY
8 (1-4-3) – GERMANY
7 (1-3-3) – SLOVENIA
3 (0-2-1) – USA
1 (0-0-1) – FINLAND
1 (0-0-1) – ITALY
Therefore a podium also for Italy . This is thanks to Lara Malsiner , who proved to be at ease on the minute lift in Upper Austria, particularly suited to the innate explosiveness of the Val Gardena, who finished in 3rd place the race held on 9 February 2020.