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Short track, Andrea Gios on the Fontana-Lobello case: “We will find a solution”


Basis of a reconciliation? We will find out . In fact, the controversy that broke out between Arianna Fontana and Federghiacco regarding the role of the coach / husband of the Valtellinese champion in the blue short track team has given many opportunities to evaluate and speak.

During the Beijing Winter Games, where Italy obtained four medals and the Lombard champion three (1 gold and two silver) becoming the most medal-winning Italian sportswoman in the history of winter sports and the one with the most all-time podiums worldwide in his own discipline, the contrasts on internal management were evident and the so-called rags flew between the athlete and the FISG n.1, Andrea Gios .

In this situation, we must consider the statements of Anthony Lobello (Fontana’s husband) in which the coach made it clear that he had never asked to become coach of the national team, which Gios had instead affirmed as an unworkable condition. “ I refused both because my wife was also there, and therefore I was exposed to possible criticism of favoritism, and because I could not guarantee that my model would work in this system. The results speak for themselves. There is always a way to solve problems and work together towards a goal and if there is a willingness to fix everything we will see you soon with Gios. The only reason why I exposed myself is because I think positive “, Lobello’s words to Corriere della Sera.

Short track, Anthony Lobello: “I never asked to become Italy’s coach, they offered me to coach …”

Therefore signs of relaxation that the FISG No. 1 has collected: “ Anthony Lobello’s statements give us hope for the future, I am confident. I just want to understand what he wants to define the how. I will meet them to find a solution “.