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Pentathlon, a good first for Italy in the World Cup with the new Olympic format


The new Olympic format of the modern pentathlon , which includes only 18 competitors in the final and all five disciplines to be played within 90 minutes, made its debut in the World Cup : for Italy the balance is excellent with first place by Elena Micheli in the women’s race and the fourth by Matteo Cicinelli in the men’s one .

As if that were not enough, out of the 36 finalists in the two Olympic specialties, five were Italian : ninth place for Maria Lea Lopez, at her debut in the World Cup in the individual competition , sixteenth for Aurora Tognetti and seventeenth for Alessandro Colasanti. Out in the semifinals Alice Rinaudo and Giuseppe Mattia Parisi, and in qualifying Giorgio Malan.

The balance is more than positive , as underlined by the federal president Fabrizio Bittner on the FIPM website : “ The balance is extremely positive. We weren’t sure how our athletes would react to the new format, even though we had already had important signals. We had five out of eight athletes in the individual finals, a very good performance. Everything works, the debut went well and, as they say, whoever gets off to a good start is half the battle. The road is the right one, and this departure shows us that the choices made so far are leading us in the right direction “.

In addition to the victory of Elena Micheli, it is the excellent choral performance of the blues that gives confidence : ” Elena Micheli has important qualities and this, I hope, will be her four-year period, Maria Lea Lopez has shown that she knows how to express herself at a high level and has returned to Aurora Tognetti also expresses herself with good results: we are happy with the girls who are growing up behind Elena Micheli and Alice Sotero ”.

The men’s sector , which had missed the qualification in Tokyo, returns to do well : “ Among the men Matteo Cicinelli is back to his level with a fourth place as protagonist. A clear sign that the men’s sector, which had stood still for a long time before the Tokyo Olympics, is returning. In the last year and a half before the Games in Japan, the technical director Roberto Naccari had set good bases of reference on which the new DT Andrea Valentini has built and is building an excellent path “.