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MotoGP, the beginning of the 2022 World Championship is a “masked ball”. Among the Ducati camouflages there is, Pecco Bagnaia still not


Carnival is over for a while, but the MotoGP World Championship has no intention of putting down the mask . Indeed, the two-wheeled world championship seems to do everything to misrepresent its true face. Better this way, because uncertainty increases and, consequently, interest. Two different winners in two races are an ordinary situation in the current World Championship. Nonetheless, who would have bet a euro on the fact that the first seasonal statements could be the prerogative of Enea Bastianini and Miguel Oliveira ?

Yet it happened, with an “old” Ducati and a Ktm , to appropriate the successes, in spite of the flaming GP22 suit, the reigning World Champion Yamaha and the Honda in search of revenge. All very nice, because it makes a dish that is already quite tasty in itself even tastier. Moreover , the values ​​in the field are all to be deciphered . For example, in the Qatar desert the M1s were in trouble, while in the Indonesian jungle they suddenly found competitiveness. A question of asphalt and, above all, of the characteristics of the track. An indication of how it is far too early to draw any conclusions . On the other hand, judging someone in a mask would only expose you to the risk of catching a crab. However, one can try to read between the lines to try to guess the real characteristics of a still mysterious MotoGP.

First of all, one gets the impression that Ducati is the best bike , having expressed itself well both in Losail and in Mandalika. It may not have been the strongest in Indonesia, but it still frequented the noble neighborhoods of the rankings. In the second instance, Yamaha may have some flaws , especially in terms of the engine, but it is certainly not a pedal tricycle lacking in quality. The M1 can be very competitive where chassis and agility matter. Thirdly, Honda seems to have improved , but it has not yet solved all the ills it has been afflicted with in the last two years. Ktm remains to be weighed , one swallow does not make a spring, but two are starting to be a signal. If Mattighofen’s products were to do well in Rio Hondo too, then we would have more than a clue. Suzuki and Aprilia , albeit with due proportions, probably expected to be ahead. However, they too will have to be put back on the scales, because the elements currently available to judge are really too few.

MotoGP classification, World 2022: Enea Bastianini leader, +2 on Brad Binder

So a MotoGP that is very good at hiding its true face, in order to attract as much attention as possible. As for the drivers, the one who came out better from the blocks among the “Three Tenors” announced on the eve of the season is undoubtedly Fabio Quartararo . As short of breath as he was in Qatar, the Frenchman would probably have dominated the scene in Indonesia if the rain hadn’t come. However, two solid tests for El Diablo , which, net of atmospheric conditions, has brought out the maximum of his potential and that of the Yamaha. Instead Marc Marquez finds himself mired in a swamp made up of doubts and uncertainties. Less effective than box mate Pol Espargarò in Losail, still on the ground in Mandalika. What happens? Only episodes, or is there a deeper difficulty? The answer could come shortly, because now the 29-year-old Spaniard will find two particularly favorable racetracks for him . If he doesn’t even start scratching between Argentina and Texas, then he really has a problem.

Who is worse off, however, is undoubtedly Francesco Bagnaia . The hammer of the end of 2021, capable of winning repeatedly and proposing itself as a candidate for the world title, not only has not yet struck a beat, but when he tried it it was sensationally unsuccessful. A bad mistake in Qatar and an anonymous GP in Indonesia represent a real false start . Fortunately, in a World Cup without an owner, the gaps from the announced rivals are still limited. What is certain is that Pecco already writes -26 from a Quartararo, on the contrary, extremely concrete. Beyond the disguises and the watering down of values ​​on the field, Ducati is there . It is up to the 25-year-old from Piedmont to be able to realize the potential of a bike that has yet to be refined, but is already able to leave its mark. However, we must do it quickly, otherwise the risk is to see the opponents fly away. Now there is a week off to clear your head, waiting to compete on the other side of the world, or in the Argentine GP . Will we have the first confirmations in South America, or will the masked ball of this beginning of 2022 continue?