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MotoGP, Franco Morbidelli: this is the opportunity for a career. Official Yamaha, must prove to be at the level of Quartararo


Franco Morbidelli’s career has always been very similar to a great challenge and, very often, the native of Rome has been able to bend these difficulties to his will. How can we forget, for example, his experience in the Yamaha Petronas team with a bike that is 2 years older than his colleagues in the brand, but with which he touched the 2020 title.

One of the most fitting examples of the tenacity combined with an innate quality of “Franky” who, never as in this 2022, wants to try to play it seriously. After a past championship in which knee problems have limited him and not a little, the former Moto2 world champion will finally have the great chance of his adventure in the premier class: to have a bike in his hands with which to aim for the title.

Already at the end of last year Franco Morbidelli was promoted to the Yamaha Factory team and will finally have at his disposal an M1 of the highest level, just like his teammate, the reigning world champion Fabio Quartararo. On the one hand, therefore, the opportunity of a lifetime, on the other the direct confrontation with a rider like “El Diablo” who has just won a title in a dominant way.

The big unknown, however, will be the degree of competitiveness of Iwata’s bike. As seen in the finale of last season, and in the pre-season tests, the M1 appears behind especially the Ducatis, so the best possible version of “Franky” will be needed to fight at the highest levels against strong rivals. The 2022 World Cup opens with Franco Morbidelli once again at 100% physically and very ready to sell dearly in terms of world title. Will the great moment in the Roman’s career come?

Credit: Press