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Masters1000 Miami, it’s a luxury Jannik Sinner! What a lesson to the rude Kyrgios: we fly to the quarters!


For those asking for a less painful and more in control version of Jannik Sinner, here it is. The South Tyrolean tennis player shows off one of his best versions of recent weeks, spoiled by positivity to Covid-19 and flu, beating Australian Nick Kyrgios 7-6 6-3 in the second round of the Miami Masters1000 ; the oceanic talent is confirmed as genius and recklessness, ruining a good match with ten minutes of madness between the first and second set, but all this must not diminish the scope of the blue test, who appeared much more physically on the ball. In the quarterfinals the challenge with one between Frances Tiafoe and Francisco Cerundolo.

Indeed, from the very first exchanges we can see Jannik’s good attitude, more agile and aggressive than seen in the last few games. The blue tends to attack the exchange more than usual, often appearing on the net. Sure, there are inaccuracies every now and then, but it’s usually cold to get out of trouble when facing a break point in the third and fifth games. On the other hand, Kyrgios boils and indulges in some grumbling, first from the lack of references on the field and then to a chair judge’s radio that is activated in a switch due to interference.

In spite of everything, the Australian holds his own, avoiding twice to go under in the score, but his nervousness explodes in the tie-break, ruining a good game up to that moment: after a forehand out of a nothing he throws the racket to the ground risking the penalty point, which comes after suffering Jannik’s aggression on his second serves , according to him for talking to a friend in the stands. Lost the set, Kyrgios indulges in an aggressive rant against the referee followed by the semi-destruction of the racket, which causes him the penalty game thus giving Sinner the opportunity to start the second set with a free break.

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It remains a pity especially for the show that the two were offering, as the Australian was confirming what he has fielded in recent weeks while the blue finally appears closer to the match pace. Kyrgios is not angry with Jannik, so much so that he applauds a couple of excellent plays of his opposite side with the forehand against the clock, today one more weapon for his game. Sinner, however, is especially good at staying centered, without falling into the trap of complacency, repelling his opponent’s assault in the eighth game and then closing in the next game.

Precise, very precise match by Sinner who closes with an excellent balance of winnings / unforced errors of +9 (24/15) compared to -1 by Kyrgios (26/27); despite the Australian being a player capable of being able to invent every shot, the blue only offered him two break points, between the third and fifth game of the first fraction, winning 67% overall in the service.