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LIVE Villarreal-Juventus 1-1, Champions League 2022 LIVE: Vlahovic-lightning, Parejo postpones everything to the return



22.58 It’s all for the story of Villarreal-Juventus. Thanks for your attention and see you next time, again on OA Sport!

22.57 The report cards of the match.

VILLARREAL : Rollers 6.5; Foyth 6, Albiol 6.5, Pau Torres 6, Pedraza 6 (79 ‘Estupinan sv); Chukwueze 6.5 (90 ‘Pino sv), Capoue 7, Parejo 7, Alberto Moreno 6 (79’ Trigueros sv); Lo Celso 6.5, Danjuma 6 (90 ‘Dia sv). 

JUVENTUS : Szczesny 6; De Sciglio 6.5 (87 ‘Pellegrini sv), Danilo 7, De Ligt 6.5, Alex Sandro 6 (46’ Bonucci 6); Cuadrado 7, Locatelli 6.5 (71 ‘Arthur 6), Rabiot 6, McKennie 6 (80’ Zakaria sv); Vlahovic 7.5, Morata 6.5.

22.52 Triple whistle: everything will be decided at the Allianz Stadium. 1-1 between Villarreal and Juventus with goals from Vlahovic and Parejo.

90 + 3 ‘Yeremy Pino puts in, Cuadrado ahead of Estupinan inside the area. Attack Villarreal in this final.

90 + 1 ′ There are 4 minutes of recovery, tense final.

90 ‘Double change Villarreal: outside Chukwueze and Danjuma, inside Pino and Dia.

87 ′ Juventus change: outside De Sciglio, inside Pellegrini.

85 ‘VLAHOVIC! Morata’s short serve for the shot from the edge: Rolls in two halves on the ground. The Serbian made a sudden flash of lightning.

80 ′ Botta remedied by McKennie: the Texan is forced to leave! In his place, Zakaria.

79 ‘Double change Villarreal: outside Alberto Moreno and Pedraza, inside Trigueros and Estupinan.

76 ‘Foul also by De Sciglio, punishment for the Spaniards.

73 ′ Rabiot warned for a dangerous entry on Chukwueze’s knee. Yellow also for Rulli who had gone to protest. The goalkeeper perhaps wanted something more than the less heavy card.

72 ′ The former Barça already commits a foul on Lo Celso.

71 ‘Juventus change: outside Locatelli, inside Arthur.

67 ′ Capoue finds the Spaniard isolated in the full penalty area for Parejo, support in the net to beat Szczesny. 1-1 and second goal of the season.


65 ′ Meanwhile, Chelsea’s doubling on Lille: Pulisic scored.

64 ′ Several defensive errors in this phase, Villarreal is in offensive pressing.

60 ′ Parejo from 25 meters, high. The Villarreal midfielder also found free space to kick.

59 ‘Double step by Cuadrado to return from the left: high conclusion from the edge of the area.

57 ′ Alberto Moreno crushes the shot on Szczesny too much after receiving from the left.

51 ′ Warm-up on the sidelines for the Villarreal reserves.

50 ‘Vlahovic offside, Villarreal starts again.

48 ‘MORATA! McKennie opens in the penalty area where the Spaniard is: wide support without finding the door.

47 ′ Juventus replaced Alex Sandro for some physical problem. In his place, Bonucci, who returned after his injury.

46 ‘The second half begins!

21.47 The first half ends: Juventus lead 1-0 thanks to Vlahovic’s goal in the first ball ever touched on the debut in the Champions League. The resumption, in less than a quarter of an hour, again on OA Sport!

45 ‘One minute of recovery.

44 ′ Cuadrado launches Vlahovic, but offside, albeit in an inconspicuous way. Meanwhile, Bonucci warms up on the sidelines. To understand if it will be a return after the stop or just a muscle awakening.

39 ‘THE CELSO! The Argentine settles the ball to the left, angola in the middle and De Ligt rests for a corner.

35 ‘Capoue! Above the crossbar from 20 meters, Villarreal chance.

33 ‘Juventus still manages to resolve: Morata arrives in the penalty area but kicks high to the right of Rulli.

32 ′ Alex Sandro’s risky backpass, even inaccurate towards Szczesny’s door.

29 ‘Chukwueze is contained by Danilo first, then by De Sciglio, in the right lane.

25 ‘Lo Celso fouls, the referee whistles a free kick for Juventus.

22 ‘Morata holds the ball at the first goal post, points the opponents but ends up losing possession.

19 ′ Dream debut for Vlahovic. Like him, Trezeguet scored in 2000 after 21 minutes against Panathinaikos, and Del Piero, 5 years earlier, against Borussia Dortmund.

17 ′ Juventus tries to find the rhythm of the first minutes of the game.

16 ‘DANJUMA! The Villarreal striker takes the shot but finds a good response from Szczesny.

15 ′ Villarreal tries: Alberto Moreno’s cross closed by De Ligt.

13 ‘THE CELSO! From the left towards the center, Pedraza serves Lo Celso who catches Szczesny at the near post and the ball goes out a little.

11 ′ Vlahovic put down, it doesn’t seem to be anything serious with the attacker getting up.

7 ′ Chelsea also took the lead: Havertz’s goal against Lille, 1-0 at Stamford Bridge.

4 ′ Again Vlahovic: new attempt at the first post, deviation of Pau Torres in the corner, but the referee stops everything.

3 ′ SCARED debut for the Serbian! At the first ball touched in his career in the Champions League, after Danilo’s deep throw from midfield, he protects and angles towards the far post. 1-0, immediately!


1 ′ The game begins!

20.58 Play the Champions League anthem!

20.57 The two teams make their entry into the field.

20.55 Great atmosphere in the stadium. The fans are waiting for the two teams.

20.50 Teams in the locker room, we’re off in ten minutes!

20.45 The stadium is expected to be fully booked up to 85% of the total capacity, with about a thousand fans coming from Turin.

20.40 The referee designated for the match is the German Daniel Siebert, assisted by Jan Seidel and Rafael Foltyn, fourth official Sven Jablonski. Al Var, Bastian Dankert, assisted by Harm Osmers.

20.35 It is played at the Estadio de la Ceramica in Vila-Real, east of Spain. Teams already on the pitch for pre-match warm-up.

20.30 Villarreal-Juventus kick-off in half an hour.

The official formations

VILLARREAL (4-4-2) : Rollers; Foyth, Albiol, Pau Torres, Pedraza; Chukwueze, Capoue, Parejo, Alberto Moreno; Lo Celso, Danjuma. Herds Emery.

JUVENTUS (4-4-2) : Szczesny; De Sciglio, Danilo, De Ligt, Alex Sandro; Cuadrado, Locatelli, Rabiot, McKennie; Vlahovic, Morata. Herds Allegri.

Good morning friends of OA Sport and welcome to the Live Live of Villarreal-Juventus , round of 16 of the first leg of the Champions League.

The probable formations

VILLARREAL (4-3-3) : Rollers; Foyth, Albiol, Pau Torres, Pedraza; Capoue, Lo Celso, Parejo; Alberto Moreno, Chukwueze, Danjuma. Herds Emery.

JUVENTUS (4-4-2) : Szczesny; De Sciglio, Danilo, De Ligt, Alex Sandro; Cuadrado, Locatelli, Zakaria, Rabiot; Morata, Vlahovic. Herds Allegri.

Where to see the game

Villarreal-Juventus will start at 21, and will be visible in the clear on Canale 5, starting at 20:50 with the pre-match. Insights from 11 pm with “Champions League Live”. Via satellite, it will be broadcast on Sky Sport Uno (201) and Sky Sport 252 with pre-match from 8 pm. “Direct Goal” option, together with Chelsea-Lille, on Sky Sport 251 from 8:45 pm.

The two teams

Villarreal represent the opposite of Allegri: they are strong in the cup, a little less in the league. But in the last period it is collecting important results. In the Spanish La Liga, he is in sixth place, in the Conference League zone, with 39 points. He is back from three wins and a 0-0 draw against leaders Real Madrid. The bianconeri will have to pay particular attention to the forwards Gerard Moreno, Paco Alcacer and Arnaut Danjuma, as well as to Samuel Chukwueze and the new arrival Giovani Lo Celso. Among the defenders, there is also the former Napoli Raul Albiol. On the bench, the expert Unai Emery, who won the last Europa League there, plus three others with Sevilla.

Juventus , on the other hand, will launch their new striker Dusan Vlahovic from the first minute, making his debut in Europe after an excellent impact in Juventus in the league matches. Winning has been missing for more than ten days, with the last draws at the front of Atalanta and Turin in the derby. By being in better shape in this context, having passed the group stage with five out of six wins, they want to make the former European Cup the real goal of the season. But it will take a lot, against a team that an Italian has already beaten, Atalanta, and that will certainly be very annoying to face.

OA Sport offers youLIVE LIVE fromVillarreal-Juventus , a football match valid for the first knockout round of the Champions League: real-time news and constant updates. Kick-off at 21:00. Have fun!