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LIVE Schio-Praga, women’s basketball Euroleague LIVE: you need a win to stay in the running



The presentationSo race-1

Good evening to all OA Sport readers, and welcome to LIVE LIVE for race-2 of the quarter-finals of the women’s Euroleague between Famila Schio and ZVVZ USK Prague. The home team struggles to force game-3, the guest team to go to the Final Four.

While it is true that in the best-of-3 series (in this case, or 5 or 7 in others) a victory of 1 or 50 is worth the same, that of Prague in the first leg had an enormous significance for how it arrived : in comeback, in the last 5 minutes. And it did a lot of harm to the Famila, who was taking home a business before the ignition of Maria Conde, which became elusive.

Three-pointers, reliability of Sandrine Gruda , return of Diamond DeShields : these are the factors on which coach Giorgios Dikaioulakos counts to keep PalaRomare inviolate, within which a large audience is expected to push the best version of European Schio that has been seen for many years now, and that certainly deserves to get to play the beauty at the Kralovka Arena.

The latter, if the Scledensi managed to win, would be played on Friday at 18:00. And then one factor might come into play: the wider rotations of the Famila. Prague, in fact, has very high quality on six players, but it uses only those for 90% (or even more) of the time, something that maybe you don’t hear from one week to the next, but after three days yes. And that’s where Schio wants to arrive.

The match between ZVVZ USK Prague and Beretta Famila Schio will start at 18:00. Have fun with OA Sport LIVE LIVE!