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LIVE Paris-Nice 2022, LIVE time trial: Van Aert wins ahead of Roglic and Dennis, second hat-trick for Jumbo-Visma




16.10 Our LIVE LIVE ends here. Thank you for being with us and continue to follow OA Sport for all the analyzes and insights on this race and on the entire cycling calendar. See you tomorrow for the fifth stage of this beautiful Paris-Nice!

16.08 Van Aert goes to the top of the overall standings, where Roglic wins over all the other potential men in the standings. Well Simon Yates, who will be fourth overall. Latour, Martinez and Vlasov also did well. Instead, Quintana and Adam Yates collapse.

16.06 This is the definitive top 10:

16.04 Second hat-trick in four stages for a dominant Jumbo-Visma. It was a close fight between Van Aert, Roglic and Dennis, on the edge of the seconds, but in the end it was the Belgian phenomenon, who after two third places and a second, takes the stage and the jersey!

16.03 Eleventh time for a stoic Laporte who will leave the yellow jersey on the shoulders of his Belgian companion!


16.02 Only Laporte is missing to confirm the victory of Van Aert, who in all probability will also take the leadership.

16.01 The Belgian further improves the time of his teammates! He prints a sensational 16’20 “, with which he exceeds Roglic by 2”.


15.59 Van Aert is also about to close!

15.58 PRIMOZ ROGLIC GOES TO THE HEAD! It went like a train on the final stretch! His time is an extraordinary 16’22 ”. In the second part he earned 6 ″ on his partner.

15.57 Excellent performance by Pierre Latour! Fifth time with 16’39 “. The Frenchman is there for an important placement.

15.56 Let’s remember, the time to beat is 16’26 “set by Rohan Dennis, followed by 4” by Stefan Kung and 5 “by a surprising Simon Yates.

15.55 In the intermediate 4 of the best 8 times were scored by a man in yellow-black.

15.54 Further behind Laporte, however only 9 ″ from Van Aert, the main “rival” for the yellow jersey.

15.52 Second half at the half time for Van Aert! Just 1 “behind Yates and 3” ahead of Dennis. Jumbo-Visma continues to flex its muscles. Let’s see what Laporte will be able to do.

15.50 8’42 ”Roglic’s intermediate time. 6 “behind Yates and 2” behind Dennis. Now Wout Van Aert will also arrive.

15.49 Roglic is close to the intermediate.

15.48 Excellent intermediate time of the Danish Mads Pedersen. 8’43 ”for him, fourth provisional time.

15.46 Vlasov closes at 16’51 “. Decent time trial for him who loses only 20 ″ to Simon Yates.

15.46 Laporte also started! All the runners have started.

15.46 And here is also the departure of Wout Van Aert, still dry of victories in this Paris-Nice, but always in the top 3:

15.44 Good intermediate time for Pierre Latour. 8’45 ”9 seconds behind Yates.

15.44 First rides also for Wout Van Aert and his green jersey! Now only Laporte’s yellow jersey is missing.

15.43 Here is the moment of departure of the Slovenian:

15.42 Primoz Roglic leaves! The next will be Wout Van Aert!

15.42 Nairo Quintana ends his test. 17’37 ”his time trial, very high. Loses 1’06 “from Yates.

15.41 This is the top 5 before the start of the two favorites:

  1. Rohan Dennis 16’26 “
  2. Stefan Kueng 16’30 “
  3. Simon Yates 16’31 “
  4. Ethan Hayter 16’34 “
  5. Stefan Bissegger 16’41 “

15.40 Latour, Coquard and Pedersen departed. Next up is Primoz Roglic Olympic time trial gold!

15.39 Aleksandr Vlasov is 12 ″ late from Simon Yates in the intermediate.

15.38 Primoz Roglic and Wout Van Aert approach the starting area.

15.35 The Australian Jack Haig stops the clock with a mediocre 17’27 “.

15.34 At the start now only the best are missing. The next will be Pierre Latour, followed by Bryan Coquard, Mads Pedersen and then the trio of wonders of Jumbo, in the order Roglic, Van Aert and the yellow jersey Christophe Laporte.

15.33 Very bad Nairo Quintana in the intermediate. Already 41 ″ behind Simon Yates’ time.

15.32 Further behind Adam Yates, who stops in 13th place.

15.31 Dani Martinez enters sixth place at 22 “from Dennis and 17” from Yates. A good time trial all in all for him.

15.30 Yates’ result gives us two important indications. The first is that Dennis was very strong on the final tear. The second is that Simon Yates is certainly in shape and will have his say for the general.

15.29 Simon Yates can’t do it! Third time for him just 5 ″ behind the leader Dennis. Great time trial for the Englishman anyway!

15.28 We remind you that Roglic and Van Aert will leave respectively at 3.41 and 3.43 pm.

15.27 This is the provisional top5, before the arrival of Simon Yates:

  1. Rohan Dennis 16’26 “
  2. Stefan Kueng 16’30 “
  3. Ethan Hayter 16’34 “
  4. Stefan Bissegger 16’41 “
  5. Fred Wright 16’55 ”

15.25 Nairo Quintana is now on the track.

15.24 Nothing to do for the Swiss Bissegger, fourth time for him 15 ″ behind Dennis.

15.23 The level is definitely rising. Kragh Andersen and Martinez also set excellent times in the intermediate, while Bissegger is close to the finish line.

15.21 4 ″ of advantage for the English who will still have the final ascent to try to earn!

15.20 ATTENTION! Surprise Simon Yates sets the best time in the intermediate!

15.18 With the departure of Stan Dewulf we entered the best 15 of the general!

15.16 Bissegger’s time in the intermediate is not exceptional! Fourth at 9 ″ behind the leader Dennis. He will have to change pace on the final tear.

15.15 The Dutch Dylan Van Baarle enters sixth place with a gap of 31 “.

15.14 Very interesting names for the general classification also start. Dani Martinez is leaving now, Simon Yates is leaving shortly, while the next will be his brother Adam.

15.13 As Bissegger approaches the intermediate, another excellent chronoman starts like Søran Kragh Andersen.

15.11 Excellent tests also for Mollema and for the Norwegian Andreas Leknessund, who respectively finish sixth and seventh.

15.10 Exceptional weather for the British Fred Wright! Fourth place for him just 29 ″ behind the leader Dennis!

15.08 This is the top 10 at the moment:

1 DENNIS Rohan 16.26 48.925

2 KÜNG Stefan 16.30 48.727

3 HAYTER Ethan 16.34 48.531

4 MCNULTY Brandon 16.56 47.480

5 DURBRIDGE Luke 17.02 47,234

6 KIRSCH Alex 17.06 47.018

7 ALMEIDA João 17.07 46.972

8 LAMPAERT Yves 17.07 46,972

9 FEDOROV Yevgeniy 17.10 46.835

10 DOULL Owain 17.14 46.654

15.05 Luca Mozzato left. Soon it will be the time of one of the very favorites, Stefan Bissegger.

15.03 Stefan Kueng is behind Rohan Dennis! A bit of effort for the Swiss on the very hard final and the Australian’s time lasts for only 4 ″.

15.01 Sixth time at the finish line for Joao Almeida. 17’06 “his time, 40” behind the leader Dennis.

15.00 Excellent time of Bauke Mollema in the intermediate. Sixth time trial for him at about halfway through the race.

14.59 Fedorov is sixth at the finish. His time is a good 17’10 ”.

14.57 Sbaragli starts now. The last Italian will be Mozzato, starting at 15.04.

14.56 Here is Küng! Just 8 tenths behind the Australian in the intermediate! He can try.

14.55 Closer to Dennis the Belgian Yves Lampaert. Sixth at 16 ″.

14.53 Ninth time in the intermediate for Joao Almeida who already pays 22 ″ from Rohan Dennis.

14.50 Meanwhile, the Belgian Philippe Gilbert has also started, in his last career season.

14.49 This is the new top5:

1.R. Dennis 22 TJV in 16 ′ 26 ″
2.E. Hayter 44 IGD + 00 ′ 08 ″
3.B. McNulty 81 UAD + 00 ′ 30 ″
4.L. Durbridge 122 BEX + 00 ′ 36 ″
5.A. Kirsch 104 TSF + 00 ′ 40 ″

14.48 The top5 is updated. Trek-Segafredo’s Alex Kirsch sets the fifth fastest time with 17’06 ”.

14.47 Excellent time Yevgeniy Fedorov in the intermediate. Fourth just 13 ″ from Dennis.

14.45 Maximilian Schachmann and Yves Lampaert also left. It’s up to the Swiss Stefan Kueng, in the European Champion jersey!

14.43 Joao Almeida starts! An important test not only for today’s result, but also in terms of the general classification. The Portuguese has already lost a lot of time, but with a good time trial today, he can relaunch for a good result.

14.41 Good performance for the Slovenian Jan Polanc who puts himself in ninth position with a time of 17’24 “.

14.39 A beautiful image arrives from the race, depicting a moment of the test that brought Rohan Dennis to the first place:

14:37 The next very interesting start will be that of Joao Almeida at 14.43. A good chronicler like Yves Lampaert will precede, but above all the Swiss Stefan Kueng, one of today’s favorites.

14.36 The test also begins for Fabio Felline. After him, only Kristian Sbaragli and Luca Mozzato will be missing from the Azzurri.

14.35 The Swiss Gino Mader sets a good time in the intermediate but will hardly be able to worry the first.

14.34 In the meantime, Steven Kruijswijk and Matteo Jorgenson left, respectively for Jumbo-Visma and Movistar.

14.31 Interviewed by Eurosport, Rohan Dennis says: “ The final part is very hard, it seems to never end. I’d like to win this stage, I know my teammates are very strong, but it’s still an individual time trial

14.28 This is the provisional top5, unchanged from a few minutes ago:

1.R. Dennis 22 TJV in 16 ′ 26 ″
2.E. Hayter 44 IGD + 00 ′ 08 ″
3.B. Mcnulty 81 UAD + 00 ′ 30 ″
4.L. Durbridge 122 BEX + 00 ′ 36 ″
5.O. Doull 163 EFE + 00 ′ 48 ″

14.25 Eighty runners have left the starting house behind, we are about halfway through today’s stage.

14.23 We remember the departure times of the favorites:

14.43 Joao Almeida
14.46 Stefan Kung
15.07 Stefan Bissegger
15.12 Soren Kragh Andersen
15.41 Primoz Roglic
15.43 Wout Van Aert

14.20 Wouter Poels (Bahrain-Victorious) also leaves its moorings. Situation unchanged at the finish.

14.17 None of the athletes involved on the track should worry Rohan Dennis (Jumbo-Visma). Danny Van Poppel, Dutchman of Team Bora-Hansgrohe, starts.

14.14 Fifty runners finished the time trial, these are the first five:

1.R. Dennis 22 TJV in 16 ′ 26 ″
2.E. Hayter 44 IGD + 00 ′ 08 ″
3.B. Mcnulty 81 UAD + 00 ′ 30 ″
4.L. Durbridge 122 BEX + 00 ′ 36 ″
5.O. Doull 163 EFE + 00 ′ 48 ″

14.11 McNulty is third at 30 ”from Rohan Dennis.

14.08 The American of the UAE Team Emirates Brandon McNulty is about to reach the finish line. It should at least be in the top five.

14.05 Owain Doull, British who races for the EF Education-EasyPost team, scores the third time at the finish line, +48 ”by Dennis. McNulty meanwhile goes to 7 km with 11 “to recover.

14.02 The Australian Luke Durbridge (Team BikeExchange) sets the third time at the photocell. 15 ”the gap from compatriot Rohan Dennis (Jumbo-Visma).

13.59 We propose the momentary top5 after the inclusion in second place of Ethan Hayter:

1.R. Dennis 22 TJV in 16 ′ 26 ″
2.E. Hayter 44 IGD + 00 ′ 08 ″
3.S. De Bod 52 AST + 00 ′ 51 ″
4. S. Carr 162 EFE + 00 ′ 53 ″
5. T. De Gendt 153 LTS + 01 ′ 01 ″

13.56 The American of the UAE Team Emirates Brandon McNulty also gives the first pedal strokes. The situation does not change upon arrival.

13.53 Niccolò Bonifazio party (TotalEnergies). 30 runners crossed the finish line.

13.50 Ethan Hayter (Ineos-Grenadiers) marks the second reference to 7 km, only 8 “behind Rohan Dennis,

13.47 None of the athletes involved on the track seems to be able to worry Rohan Dennis’ time. The South African Stefan de Bod (Astana Qazaqstan Team) transits to second place in the intermediate with 20 ”delay from the Australian chronoman.

13.44 This is the provisional classification upon arrival:

1. R. Dennis 22 TJV in 16 ′ 26 ″
2. T. De Gendt 153 LTS + 01 ′ 01 ″
3.I. Keisse 112 QST + 01 ′ 05 ″
4.F. Fisher-Black 83 UAD + 01 ′ 07 ″
5.J. Vine 207 AFC + 01 ′ 09 ″

13.41 Really a great performance from the Australian. Departures follow one another, even the British Ethan Hayter (Ineos-Grenadiers) savors the asphalt.

13.38 Matteo Trentin (UAE Team Emirates) pays over one minute at 7 km. Here is Rohan Dennis, stratospheric tempone: the standard bearer of the Jumbo-Visma completes the work in 16’26 ”, 61 seconds trimmed to the Belgian Thomas De Gendt!

13.35 The French David Gaudu (Grupama-FDJ) left. Rohan Dennis will soon end his efforts, the Australian should forcefully take the lead.

13.32 Rohan Dennis is flying! 27 ”of margin on the Belgian Iljo Keisse (Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl Team) in the middle of the race. Meanwhile, the provisional classification changes after the arrival of Thomas De Gendt, leader in 17’27 ”.

13.29 The Danish Michael Morkov (Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl Team) undermines Gruzdev with a time of 17’59 “. We await the reference of the Australian Rohan Dennis to the intermediate.

13.26 The Kazakh Dmitriy Gruzdev (Astana Qazaqstan Team) reaches the finish line in 18’04 “.

13.23 Ten riders passed the photocell, the New Zealander Finn Fisher-Black (UAE Team Emirates) commands.

13.20 9’27 ”29 the time of the Kazakh Gruzdev in the intermediate.

13.17 Exactly four minutes and it will be the turn of Rohan Dennis (Jumbo-Visma). Australian is one of the names to watch out for.

13.14 After nine riders have started, at 13.25 it will be the turn of Matteo Trentin (UAE Team Emirates).

13.11 At kilometer 7 there is the first and only intermediate of the fraction. We remind you that the kilometers to be covered are 13.4.

13.08 The transalpine Simon Guglielmi (Arkea-Samsic), the Belgian Jonas Rickaert (Alpecin-Fenix) and the Danish Michael Morkov (Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl Team) also left.

13.05 Here we are, Dmitriy Gruzdev (Astana Qazaqstan Team) launches right now. The time trial valid for the fourth leg of the Paris-Nice 2022 officially begins!

13.03 These are the starting times of the favorites:

13.21 Rohan Dennis
14.43 Joao Almeida
14.46 Stefan Kung
15.07 Stefan Bissegger
15.12 Soren Kragh Andersen
15.41 Primoz Roglic
15.43 Wout Van Aert

13.00 Exactly five minutes and the first runner will start, the Kazakh Dmitriy Gruzdev (Astana Qazaqstan Team). It will proceed with starts at regular intervals of one minute, then from the 131st bib of Jack Haig (Bahrain-Victorious) the starting times will expand to two minutes for the last fifteen athletes.

12.57 Who are the main favorites today? An interesting duel is looming at Jumbo-Visma between the Slovenian Primoz Roglic and the Belgian Wout Van Aert, a clash that could be worth winning the yellow jersey. But pay attention to the Swiss from EF Education-EasyPost Stefan Bissegger and to the compatriot of the Groupama-FDJ Stefan Kung.

12.54 This is the general classification after the third fraction:

2 WOUT VAN AERT 26 JUMBO – VISMA 11H 34 ′ 45 “+ 00H 00 ′ 01”
3 PRIMOŽ ROGLIČ 21 JUMBO – VISMA 11H 34 ′ 53 “+ 00H 00 ′ 09”
4 MADS PEDERSEN 105 TREK – SEGAFREDO 11H 35 ′ 13 “+ 00H 00 ′ 29”
5 BRYAN COQUARD 13 COFIDIS 11H 35 ′ 17 “+ 00H 00 ′ 33”
6 PIERRE LATOUR 171 TOTALENERGIES 11H 35 ′ 17 “+ 00H 00 ′ 33”
7 ZDENĚK ŠTYBAR 116 QUICK-STEP ALPHA VINYL TEAM 11H 35 ′ 22 “+ 00H 00 ′ 38”
8 JASPER STUYVEN 106 TREK – SEGAFREDO 11H 35 ′ 23 “+ 00H 00 ′ 39”
9 ALEKSANDR VLASOV 7 BORA – HANSGROHE 11H 35 ′ 23 “+ 00H 00 ′ 39”

12.51 Today’s path is rather treacherous, especially in the final. The initial part of the time trial is characterized by several ups and downs, while the final stretch includes the Côte de la rue Buffon (700 m at 8.6%) which will probably decide the winner of the stage.

12.48 We have reached the fourth stage of the “Corsa del Sole”; the first runner will start at 13.05, the last runner will leave the moorings at 15.45.

12.45 Good morning friends of OA Sport and welcome to LIVE LIVE from Paris-Nice. Today an interesting time trial awaits us, from Domérat to Montluçon for a total of 13.4 kilometers.


Friends of OA Sport, cycling enthusiasts, welcome to the textual LIVE LIVE of the Paris-Nice 2022 ! We have reached the fourth stage , a watershed in the general classification: the time trial will be held today from Domérat to Monluçon !

Precisely planned 13.4 kilometers mostly flat: the final uphill is fascinating for the runners, who will have to cross the Côte de la Rue Buffon , in Monluçon, 700 meters with 8.6% average gradient. An intermediate is planned at kilometer 7 , precisely at Étang de Sault (Prémilhat).

Everything suggests a duel at Jumbo-Visma between the Belgian Wout van Aert and the Slovenian Primoz Roglic : they are undoubtedly the favorites on the eve, in a stellar clash that could only be decided for seconds, if not thousandths; their time trial skills are well known, but there will be rivals like the Portuguese Joao Almeida or another dangerous runner in the Jumbo-Visma time trial like the Australian Rohan Dennis .

Paris-Nice 2022: Mads Pedersen dominates the sprint, adjusted by Coquard and Van Aert. Laporte keeps the yellow jersey

The departure of the first rider (and, consequently, the start of the time trial of the Paris-Nice 2022) is scheduled for 13:05. To receive constant updates and not really miss anything of the fourth stage of the French race, you can follow it with our textual LIVE LIVE starting at 13:00 . See you later, do not miss it!