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LIVE MotoGP, Qatar GP 2022 LIVE: FP1 classification, crash for Bagnaia. At 16.00 the FP2






12.35 We will know more in the afternoon. Thank you for joining us, see you at 4.00 pm for FP2. A sporting greeting!

12.32 Suzuki and Aprilia also very well, while Binder’s flicker with the KTM appears impromptu. The Yamaha is discreet, with Morbidelli more at ease than Quartararo.

12.30 Honda took the biggest steps forward compared to 2021. A more manageable bike with an enhanced engine: Marc Marquez is already scary …

12.29 Ducati was the big favorite for this weekend, but the start is negative. No bike from the Borgo Panigale team is in the top 10: the best is that of Jorge Martin, 12th. The fall of Francesco Bagnaia does not put us in a good mood.

12.28 The other Italians: Bastianini 14th, Dovizioso 16th, Bagnaia 18th, Marini 20th, Di Giannantonio 22nd, Bezzecchi 24th.

12.26 Checkered flag. FP1 closed with Binder leading with 0.056 on Nakagami, 0.127 on Rins, 0.275 on Pol Espargarò and 0.286 on Marc Marquez. Completing the top 10 are Morbidelli, Mir, Aleix Epsargarò, Alex Marquez and Oliveira. 11th Quartararo.

12.25 Binder in the lead! 1’54 ″ 851: the KTM had not been seen up to now… Hard-average for the South African.

12.24 Amaze Nakagami! The Japanese is in command with the Honda LCR.

12.23 GREAT TOUR OF MORBIDELLI! It is 2nd at only 17 thousandths from Rins. But be careful: the Roman achieved the time trial with hard tires by now worn. Great signal.

12.21 Rins improves: 1’55 ″ 278. 2nd Mir at 0.093. We have two Suzukis in front. However, Rins is fitted with a pair of soft tires.

12.21 Quartararo climbs to seventh place at 0.293, just behind his teammate Morbidelli.

12.20 FALL FOR FRANCESCO BAGNAIA at turn 6. He gets up immediately, but his session ended 5 minutes early.

12.18 Morbidelli sets the best time in the second intermediate, then slows down and gets up.

12.16 Change at the top! Joan Mir, world champion 2022, prints a 1’55 “371, just 7 thousandths better than Aleix Espargarò. Also for the Spaniard a pair of hard tires.

12.16 Bagnaia returns to the track with a pair of hard tires. The best Italian remains Franco Morbidelli, 5th at 0.173. At the moment the French Fabio Quartararo is 10th at 0.539.

12.15 The first Ducati is Jorge Martin’s Pramac, seventh at 0.310: not the start that we would have expected from the Borgo Panigale team.

12.14 Marc Marquez is scary, because the Honda not only has a more powerful engine, but it also seems much easier to drive when entering corners.

12.13 Bagnaia is 15th at 0.778. We must remain calm and wait for FP2.

12.12 Rins climbs to third position at 0.125 from Aleix Espargarò.

12.11 Even Andrea Dovizioso, despite being in an unofficial team, is riding a Yamaha from 2022.

12.10 We recall that Bastianini, Di Giannantonio and Bezzecchi can count on a Ducati from 2021, while Luca Marini has a Ducati 2022 at his disposal, like that of Bagnaia and Miller.

12.09 First fall of the year. The rookie Fabio Di Giannantonio ends up on the ground.

12.08 Marquez and Bagnaia are working on the pass.

12.06 Among the top 10 only the Hondas of Marc Marquez and Pol Espargarò are running with a hard front and a medium one at the rear. Double hard for everyone else.

12.05 Twenty minutes at the end of the first session.

12.04 At the moment the rookies Di Giannantonio and Bezzecchi are 19th and 22nd respectively.

12.03 We remind you that qualifying for the race will take place at night, so this afternoon’s FP2 will be much more indicative.

12.02 So far, Ducati is struggling more than expected. Honda appears to have made huge strides since 2021.

12.01 Fabio Quartararo is 6th in half a second. Bagnaia at the moment in the pits, he seems very serene and is drinking a cold drink.

12.00 Almost all the riders are using hard tires on both the front and rear.

11.58 Francesco Bagnaia goes up, he is now 10th at 0.778. We know he is a rider who likes to take a slow start on Fridays, and then go up in speed over the course of the weekend.

11.56 Aleix Espargarò always in command with a time of 1’55 ″ 378, followed by Marquez at 0.107 and Morbidelli at 0.173. 4th Rins at 0.272, 5th Zarco at 0.582. We have five different bikes in the top five: Aprilia, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Ducati.

11.55 The Italians: 3rd Morbidelli, 6th Bastianini, 13th Bagnaia, 16th Dovizioso, 19th Di Giannantonio, 21st Bezzecchi, 22nd Marini.

11.54 Morbidelli 3rd at 0.173. Bagnaia is 13th at 0.881.

11.53 Marc Marquez moves to second place at 0.107 from the top, 3rd teammate Pol Espargarò at 0.124: it is a very competitive Honda.

11.52 Franco Morbidelli climbs into second position at 3 tenths from Aleix Espargarò. It will be a decisive year for the Roman, because he will be able to benefit from the factory Yamaha: a great opportunity.

11.51 Bene Bastianini, definitely galvanized with the Ducati Gresini: he is 5th at 6 tenths.

11.50 Aleix Espargarò unleashed. It improves by another 4 tenths and drops to 1’55 “378. Bagnaia dates back and is 11th at 1 ″ 033.

11.49 Aprilia in general, Maverick Vinales is sixth. The first of the Italians is Franco Morbidelli, seventh. Ducati shows itself: Zarco is 3rd at 0.145.

11.48 Lampo by Marc Marquez, flies in the lead, but Aleix Espargarò immediately regains the top in 1’55 ″ 815, 48 thousandths better than his compatriot. Attention to Honda, this year it has a new and decidedly enhanced engine.

11.47 Quartararo is confirmed on the ball, 3rd to 3 tenths.

11.46 Aleix Espargarò improves, 1’56 ″ 225. 2nd Rins with Suzuki at 0.257, 3rd Bastianini at 0.472 with Ducati Gresini.

11.45 Bagnaia is becoming familiar with the bike in this first phase. Quartararo is already second at 0.877 from the top.

11.44 Aprilia starts strong: Aleix Espargarò leads in 1’56 ″ 975: for the Iberian a pair of hard tires.

11.43 The first time of the year is for Andrea Dovizioso (Yamaha): 1’59 ″ 338.

11.41 Joan Mir is the only one to mount a soft at the front, while at the rear he opted for a hard one.

11.40 Immediately on the Bagnaia track with a pair of hard tires. Hard-media instead for Marc Marquez.

11.40 THE MOTOGP WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BEGAN! Off to FP1 of the Qatar GP 2022.

11.38 There will be seven Italians on the track: Bagnaia, Morbidelli, Dovizioso, Marini, Bastianini and the rookies Di Giannantonio and Bezzecchi.

11.35 FP1 will last 45 minutes. FP2 will instead take place at 16.00.

11.32 A three-way race for the title is looming between the reigning French world champion Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha), Francesco Bagnaia (Ducati) and the Spaniard Marc Marquez (Honda). Possible outsiders such as Joan Mir (Suzuki) and Australian Jack Miller (Ducati) should not be excluded.

11.30 Speaking of manufacturers , so far three different manufacturers have excelled in Losail. Yamaha boasts 10 claims, including three consecutive with three different men (!) Between 2015 and 2017. Then follows Ducati with 5 wins, while Honda closes at 3 , historically never really at ease on this one. track.

11.25 It should also be noted that Casey Stoner was the only rider able to win on two different bikes . The Australian achieved his first three wins on the Ducati , while the last one was collected on the Honda .

4 – STONER Casey [AUS] (2007, 2008, 2009, 2011)
4 – ROSSI Valentino [ITA] (2005, 2006, 2010, 2015)
3 – LORENZO Jorge [SPA] (2012, 2013, 2016)
2 – DOVIZIOSO Andrea [ITA] (2018, 2019)
2 – VIÑALES Maverick [SPA] (2017, 2021 Qatar)
1 – GIBERNAU Sete [SPA] (2004)
1 – MARQUEZ Marc [SPA] (2014)
1 – QUARTARARO Fabio [FRA] (2021 Doha)

11.15 There are four active men to boast a victory in Losail in their palmares. Andrea Dovizioso (2018, 2019) and Maverick Viñales (2017, 2021 ) triumphed twice. In addition, Marc Marquez (2014) and Fabio Quartararo (2021) also took places on 1 single occasion.

11.10 The most successful riders in Losail are Casey Stoner and Valentino Rossi , both of whom have risen to 4 . The Australian won in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011, while the Doctor did so in 2005, 2006, 2010 and 2015. As you can see, the centaur native of Southport holds the record of consecutive successes , being the the only one who managed to achieve a three-game winning streak. At the same time, the Italian holds the longevity record , having excelled within a decade.

11.04 The premier class has played 18 races in Losail, one less than the lower categories. This is because in 2020 the competition was canceled due to the rampant Covid-19 pandemic. Moto2 and Moto3 were able to take to the track anyway, as riders and teams were already present on site before the “squeeze” on international travel. It should also be noted how, of the 18 tests sent on stage, “only” 17 had the denomination of GP of Qatar. Last year, in fact, a double header was disputed in order to recover the canceled Argentine GP. Therefore an impromptu Doha Grand Prix was added.

11.00 The stage of the first of the twenty-one acts scheduled for this season will be the Lusail (from this year on, no longer Losail) International Circuit, where the Qatar Grand Prix will be held. The Middle Eastern context has now become usual for the world championship, having entered the calendar back in 2004 . Since 2007 it has assumed the almost fixed role of opening the new competitive year and, since 2008, it can enjoy the status of the only night race of the entire season.

10.56 After 26 years, the World Championship will be the orphan of Valentino Rossi. We will see what the repercussions will be.

10.55 Hello friends of OA Sport and welcome to the Live Live of the free practice sessions of the Qatar GP 2022 of MotoGP.

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Hello and welcome back to LIVE LIVE on the first day of free practice of the Qatar GP, first round of the 2022 MotoGP World Championship . On the Losail track a day-1 in which teams and drivers will define the set-up to get ready for tomorrow’s qualifying and Sunday’s race.



Francesco “Pecco” Bagnaia ‘s hunt for the iris begins. The Ducati centaur will want to put his weight to the test in alla Rossa, considered by experts to be the best bike of the lot. However, according to what was declared by the Piedmontese driver, the GP22 still needs to be set up properly due to a very powerful engine, but which must be managed a little in terms of power delivery.

On paper, the Qatari track should lend itself well to the characteristics of the Red, given the great accelerations there are. However, there are a lot of contenders for the first stage success. At Yamaha, the reigning world champion Fabio Quartararo will want to show signs of vitality, like Franco Morbidelli . Same story, same sea in Honda. Marc Marquez wants to win his ninth career title and even if his condition is not optimal he will certainly not back down.

OA Sport offers you LIVE LIVE from the first day of free practice of the Qatar GP, first round of the 2022 MotoGP World Championship : real-time news and constant updates. FP1 is scheduled at 11.40 Italian, while FP2 will start at 16.00 Italian . Have fun!