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LIVE Italy-Bosnia 1-0 Under21, LIVE European Qualifiers 2023: Rovella gives first place to the azzurrini. Scoreboards and highlights



19.35 Thanks for following us and see you at the next live!

19.30 Here are the report cards :

ITALY (4-3-3): Carnesecchi 7; Bellanova 6, Lovato 6, Okoli 6.5, Quagliata 6.5 (65 ‘Parisi 6); Rovella 7 (89 ′ Portanova sv), Esposito 5 (65 ′ Ricci 6), Fagioli 7; Colombo 6.5 (74 ′ Cancellieri 6), Yeboah 5.5, Vignato 6.5 (90 ′ Cambiaghi sv). Att. Nicolato 7.

BOSNIA (4-3-3): Cetkovic 6; Dejanovic 5, Milojevic 5, Barisic 6, Nikic 5; Basic 6 (73 ′ Ilic 6.5), I. Savic 5 (73 ′ Memic 6), Begic 5; Savic 5, Lukic 6 (66 ′ Hodzic 6), Hasic 6.5 (66 ′ Osmic 6.5). Herds Starčević 6.

19.25 Italy U21 finally returns to victory after a good performance, Bosnia which was very aggressive but are three precious points for the Italian national team that has nearly doubled several times. First place for Italy U21.

94 ′ The match ends, Italy-Bosnia U21 1-0.

92 ‘Yellow for Begic, elbowed on Cambiaghi.

90 ‘There will be four minutes of recovery.

88 ‘Yellow for Fagioli, tactical foul in midfield.

86 ′ Outside Vignato, inside Cambiaghi in Italy.

84 ′ Inside Portanova and outside Rovella in Italy.

82 ′ Bosnia which is carried forward with full staff.

80 ‘Carnesecchi ventures into a dangerous exit, but manages to unravel the situation.

78 ′ Italy that wants to double.

76 ′ Okoli anticipates Ilic launched on the wing.

74 ′ Outside Basic and Savic, inside Ilic and Memic in Bosnia.

72 ′ Outside Colombo and inside Cancellieri in Italy.

70 ‘Teams that begin to stretch.

68 ′ Outside Lukic and Hasic, inside Hodzic and Osmic in Bosnia.

66 ′ Inside Parisi and Ricci instead of Quagliata and Esposito in Italy.

64 ‘Yeboah with his head crushes to the ground but fails to score.

62 ′ Colombo tries but his shot is saved on the line.

60 ′ On the fly Vignato sends over the crossbar.

58 ‘Clamorous mistake by Quagliata who puts the ball one meter from the post in front of the goalkeeper.

56 ′ Continuous ball possession for Italy.

54 ′ Rovella’s mistake who sends the ball out badly with the outside.

52 ‘Vignato again from the left for Rovella who by a whisker does not reach the impact with the ball.

50 ‘Vignato tries the filter for Rovella, but the ball was intercepted by the defense.

48 ‘The men of Nicolato’s bench begin to warm up.

46 ′ The recovery begins!

18.20 Today Italy is there, present on the field and manages to score thanks to Rovella’s first blue goal. Bosnia, however, which is alive, is also close to a draw.

See you soon for the second half!

45 ′ The first half ends, Italy-Bosnia U21 1-0.

43 & # 39; Colombo with left engages the goalkeeper of Bosnia.

41 ‘Lukic left that chokes the ball.

39 ‘Error by Esposito who gives the ball to Basic who does not take advantage of it.

37 ′ Yeboah with the left fails to double.

35 ‘Bosnia trying to pour forward.

33 ‘Colombo with the right does not find the door.

31 ′ Miracle of Carnesecchi who stops a heel strike from Lukic while diving.

29 ‘Rovella misses the measure of the passage for Quagliata that would have reached the bottom.

27 ′ Prolonged possession of Italy.

25 ‘Cross from Bellanova who by a whisker does not find Vignato.

23 ′ Spectacular play by Fagioli who launches Quagliata who does not find companions in the middle.

21 ‘Italy more orderly but still without precision in the passages, many mistakes.

19 ‘Quagliata for Yeboah who commits a foul by pushing the Bosnian full-back.

17 ′ Masic tries from a distance, slightly out.

15 ′ Gooooooooooooooooooool , Rovellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa , Beautiful cross by Fagioli who finds Rovella that stops inside the penalty area and unloads the ball under the crossbar, Italy-Bosnia U21 1-0 .

13 ′ Imprecision still in the last step.

11 ′ Cross from Quagliata that hits the Bosnian defender.

9 ′ Nicolato asks to move the ball faster.

7 ‘Bosnia trying to react to the blue pressure.

5 ′ Prolonged possession of Italy.

3 ′ Italy that begins with the offensive aggression in the opponent’s trocar.

1 ′ The game begins!

17.25 National anthems in progress, soon we start!

17.20 In five minutes players will enter the field.

17.15 Nicolato compared to the bad performance with Montenegro, has changed 4 players: inside Yeboah, Fagioli, Rovella and Quagliata.

17.10 The Bosnian national team has collected 11 points (in 8 matches) and wants to reach the top of the grouping in the Italy-Sweden combination.

17.05 Italy must win if they want to jump to first place in the group, currently also occupied by Sweden on equal points with one more match.

17.00 Here are the official formations :

ITALY (4-3-3): Carnesecchi; Bellanova, Lovato, Okoli, Quagliata; Rovella, Esposito, Beans; Colombo, Yeboah, Vignato. Available: Turati, Pirola, Ricci, Lucca, Parisi, Portanova, Cancellieri, Viti, Cambiaghi. Herds Nicolato.

BOSNIA (4-3-3): Cetkovic; Dejanovic, Milojevic, Barisic, Nikic; Basic, Savic, Begic; Savic, Lukic, Hasic. Available: Brajilovic, Malic, Memic, Ilic, Pavlovic, Osmic, Hodzic, Dukic and Kujundzic. Herds Starčević

16.55 Good afternoon and welcome to the Italy-Bosnia U21 live broadcast.

Good afternoon and welcome to the LIVE LIVE text of the Italy-Bosnia U21 qualifying match for the European Championships, we need a proof of character for the Italians to reach first place.

Italy must get up after the draw away from home against Montenegro after a really bad match in terms of performance. Now Bosnia is coming to Trieste, the Bosnian national team has returned from two victories in a row and it is anything but underestimated. In the first leg the victory went to Italy thanks to goals from Okoli and Vignato. It takes a win to go to the top of the group standings ahead of Sweden.

The squad of the Italian U21 national team:

Goalkeepers : Marco Carnesecchi (Cremonese), Alessandro Plizzari (Lecce), Stefano Turati (Reggina);
Defenders : Raoul Bellanova (Cagliari), Antonio Candela (Cesena), Simone Canestrelli (Crotone), Matteo Lovato (Cagliari), Caleb Okoli (Cremonese), Fabiano Parisi (Empoli), Lorenzo Pirola (Monza), Giacomo Quagliata (Heracles Almelo) , Mattia Viti (Empoli);
Midfielders : Edoardo Bove (Rome), Alessandro Cortinovis (Reggina), Salvatore Esposito (Spal), Nicolò Fagioli (Cremonese), Manolo Portanova (Genoa), Samuele Ricci (Turin), Nicolò Rovella (Genoa), Iyenoma Destiny Udogie (Udinese) ;
Forwards : Nicolò Cambiaghi (Pordenone), Matteo Cancellieri (Hellas Verona), Lorenzo Colombo (Spal), Gianluca Gaetano (Cremonese), Lorenzo Lucca (Pisa), Emanuel Vignato (Bologna), Kelvin K. Yeboah (Genoa).

Match : Italy-Bosnia U21
Event : European U21 Qualifiers 2023
Date : 03/29/2022
Hours : 17.30
Where to see it : Rai 2


ITALY U21 (4-3-3): Carnesecchi; Bellanova, Lovato, Okoli, Parisi; Portanova, Beans, Ricci; Cancellieri, Lucca, Vignato.
BOSNIA U21 (4-2-3-1): Cetkovic; Dedic, Pavlovic, Barisic, Nikic; Begic, I. Savic; Drljo, Basic, M. Savic; Masic.

OA Sport offers you LIVE LIVE from Italy-Bosnia U21 qualifying match for the European Championships : real-time news and constant updates. Kick-off at 17:30. Have fun!