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LIVE Cross-country skiing, Falun 2022 mixed relays LIVE: Diggins drags USA I to victory! Italy did well, the last race at 13:30



11.25 But it doesn’t end there: at 13:30 another atypical race for the World Cup is scheduled, a mixed sprint relay! You will be able to follow it again thanks to the LIVE LIVE of OA Sport. See you later!

11.23 Well the blues: Francesco De Fabaini was able to immediately recover the delay accumulated in the first fraction; from then on also Salvadori and Ganz kept up a good pace, finishing in sixth position.

11.21 Excellent performance by Jessie Diggins, who was able to exploit the greater speed (compared to Johaug and Parmakoski) and dragged USA I to victory.

11.18 Here is the final top 10:

1 USA I 42’01 ″ 8
2 Finland I +3 ″ 8
3 Norway I +4 ″ 3
4 Sweden I +9 ″ 1
5 Germany I +16 ″ 2
6 ITALY +29 ″ 0
7 Germany II +29 ″ 7
8 Norway II +36 ″ 7
9 France + 1’04 ″ 4
10 Switzerland I + 1’14 ″ 3

11.16 Last career races for Therese Johaug (who ends with a podium) and for the Swiss Laurien Van der Graaff.

11.14 Good performance by the Azzurri, sixth (thanks to the fall of Mars Skaanes for Norway II).

11.13 USA WINS DRAGGED BY A SUPER JESSIE DIGGINS! Second position for Finland I, Third Norway I!

11.12 Jessie Diggins Goes! Victory very close!

11.11 Last kilometer! Diggins, Parmakoski and Johaug are in 0.8!

11.10 And now Johaug goes ahead! In the uphill sections the Norwegian is amazing; pay something on the way down, where Diggins seems to be faster.

11.08 Try to make up for under Therese Johaug, second (overtaking Parmakoski).

11.07 Overtaking of Diggins and Parmakoski! Johaug third, and the last lap begins!

11.06 Ganz temporarily retains the seventh position (+5 ″ 8 from Johaug).

11.05 Try to stretch Therese Johaug but Krista Parmakoski and Jessie Diggins don’t give up!

11.03 Podium currently formed by Norway I, Norway II and Germany I.

11.02 Here is the last change, 5 km to go to the finish line! The Norwegian Therese Johaug (Norway I) and Marte Skaanes (Norway II), the Swedish Frida Karlsson, the Finnish Krista Parmakoski, the American Jessie Diggins and the German Victoria Carl will play. For Italy (seventh at the moment) there is Caterina Ganz.

11.00 Norway I (Didrik Toenseth) overtaking at km 13.9, nearing the fourth and last change.

10.58 After the first lap of the third stage, this is the situation at km 12.5:

1 Finland I 26’38 ″ 9
2 Norway II +0.8
3 Norway I +1 ″ 0
4 Switzerland I +1 ″ 5
5 Germany I +1 ″ 9

11 ITALY +3 ″ 7

10.56 Germany II is now in a Norwegian sandwich, second between Norway II (first) and Norway I (third). They are all there, the last stage with the women will be decisive, and watch out for Norway I with Therese Johaug …

10.53 Second change made, podium momentarily formed by Norway II, Sweden I and Germany II. Italy recovers positions and second, eighth at 3 ″ 4 from Norway II. Now it’s up to Giandomenico Salvadori.

10.52 At the next change (km 10) we will move on to the third fraction, which will once again see men as protagonists. Subsequently, with the fourth fraction, the women will close the mixed relay, very fast times.

10.50 Here are the first positions at km 7.5:

1 Norway II 16’41 ″ 3
2 Germany I +0.3
3 Norway I +0.6
4 Sweden I +0.8
5 Finland I +1 ″ 0

10 ITALY +2 ″ 1

10.48 Concluded the first lap of the second fraction for the men, in command Sjur Roethe for Norway II.

10.46 More compact group now, led by Frenchman Clement Parisse; Francesco De Fabiani recovered almost 9 seconds (still in twelfth position, but at km 6.5 he is 5 ″ 2 from Parisse).

10.44 So let’s see the first five positions at km 5, at the time of the change:

1 Germany I 11’04 ″ 5
2 Norway I +0.2
3 USA II +0.6
4 Sweden I +0.6
5 Finland I +1 ″ 9

12 ITALY +14 ″

10.41 First change made! Now it’s up to the men!

10.40 At kilometer 3.9, Norway I leads with Heidi Weng; Julia Kern is at 0.7; +1 ″ 5 for Katharina Hennig, third. Lucia Scardoni is eleventh, nine seconds behind Weng.

10.39 Completed the first lap (km 2.5), this is the current situation:

1 USA II (Julia Kern) 6’10 ″ 4
2 Sweden I (Ebba Andersson) +0.2
3 Finland I (Kerttu Niskanen) +0.5
4 Germany I (Katharina Hennig) +0.7
5 Germany II (Lisa Lohmann) +1 ″


10.36 And again, the Japanese Masako Ishida and the Estonian Kaidy Kaasiku; for Sweden II Charlotte Kalla, for Germany II Lisa Lohmann, for USA II Julia Kern, for Finland II Ragnhild Haga and for Switzerland II Lea Fischer.

10.34 The Norwegian Heidi Weng, the Swedish Ebba Andersson, the Finnish Kerttu Niskanen, the American Rosie Brennan, the French Delphine Claudel, the German Katharina Hennig, the blue Lucia Scardoni, the Swiss Lydia Hiernickel, the Lisa Unterweger from Austria, Katherine Stewart-Jones from Canada.

10.32 In total, there will be 8 laps to be tackled, for a total of 20 kilometers.


10.29 Taking into account the Nations that present a double team, in total 18 teams take part in the competition. A few moments and off we go!

10.28 For Italy, Lucia Scardoni, Francesco De Fabiani, Giandomenico Salvadori and Caterina Ganz will compete in order.

10.25 It is a 4 × 5 km skating: women, for each nation, will be the first and fourth to start; in the middle, therefore, the men (they will start as second and third).

10.22 Now let’s focus on the “classic” mixed relay which will start in a few minutes; later, of course, we will also tell you about the mixed sprint relay.

10.19 The mixed relay will start in just over 10 minutes; at 13:30 there will be another mixed relay, but sprint.

10.16 The last weekend of the season started on Friday with the sprints; yesterday the distance races took place (10 km for women and 15 km for men); today, however, we will see innovative formats.

10.13 Two races scheduled in Falun, Sweden, which will definitively close the 2021-2022 Cross-Country Skiing World Cup.

10.10 Friends of OA Sport, welcome to the LIVE LIVE of the last World Cup races!

Friends of OA Sport , winter sports enthusiasts, welcome to the text LIVE LIVE of the last cross-country skiing World Cup 2021-2022 races ! The world competition closes a week early in Falun , Sweden .

The last stage of the World Cup began on Friday with the sprint races; yesterday the distance races took place, 15 km for men and 10 km for women (with world, general and specialty titles already assigned). Today the circle closes with two races.

In fact, today Sunday 13 March we will start at 10:30 with the mixed relay , but it does not end there: at 13:30 another mixed relay is scheduled, but in this case it is a sprint . So innovative formats, which make the last appointment of the World Cup season intriguing.

Cross-country skiing, Falun World Cup 2022: Didrik Toenseth prevails in the 15 km tl. 21 ° Salvadori

You can follow both scheduled races thanks to our textual LIVE LIVE . Appointment therefore at 10:30 for the mixed relay and, to follow, the sprint, in order not to really miss anything of the last races of the 2021-2022 cross-country skiing World Cup. See you later, do not miss it!