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LIVE Cross-country skiing, 10 and 15 km Falun 2022 LIVE: Toenseth wins the men’s race, Salvadori 21st. At 14:15 the women



12:45 The LIVE LIVE for the men’s race ends here; we will meet again from 14:15, telling it from 14:00, for the women’s 10 km.

12:43 These are the results of the Italians:
21 Salvadori + 1’36 “
23 De Fabiani + 1’38 ″ 4
35 Gardener + 1’50 ″ 9
36 Pellegrino + 1’53 ″ 6
64 Mocellini + 3’51 ″ 2

12:42 So this is the top ten:
1 Toenseth NOR 31’57 ″ 6 (first free technique victory for him)
2 Halfvarsson SWE +9 ″
3 Amundsen NOR +20 ″ 4
4 Holund NOR +21 ″ 2
5 Nyenget NOR +23 ″ 6
6 Roethe NOR +28 ″ 2
7 Patterson USA +42 ″
8 Parisse FRA +46 ″
9 Leveille CAN +48 ″ 9
10 Niskanen FIN +51 ″
10 Musgrave GBR +51 ″

12:40 From 71 onwards, the positions will basically not change anymore.

12:39 36th Federico Pellegrino at 1’53 ″ 7 from Toenseth, also ends up immediately behind Gardener.

12:37 Parisse finishes eighth at 46 “, eighth position for him.

12:36 Ninth place for Musgrave, who is 51 ″ from Toenseth and closes with the same time as Niskanen.

12:34 Only a couple of significant arrivals are expected, those of the British Andrew Musgrave and the French Clement Parisse. In addition to that of Pellegrino, of course.

12:32 De Fabiani closes behind Salvadori, he is currently 19th at 1’38 “4 while Salvadori is 17th at 1’36”. Proof that it certainly cannot be said to be positive for him.

12:30 Simone Mocellini also closed, in the slums at 3’51 ″ 2 from Toenseth; at the moment he is already 50th and Gardener is also slipping out of the points. Salvadori and De Fabiani should be included.

12:29 Podium for Amundsen! He will finish third, 20 ″ 4 late with a grand finale!

12:28 Holund closes and is third for now! 21 ″ 2 late for the Norwegian who contains the comeback of compatriot Nyenget.

12:27 28 ″ 2 late for Sjur Roethe, who certainly finishes off the podium: he is fourth, he should drop by two or three places.

12:25 TRIUMPHAL TOENSETH! 9 seconds ahead of him, mark this time of 31’57 ″ 6 because it will be the winner!

12:24 And it is Nyenget who closes at 14 ″ 6 from Halfvarsson.

12:23 Meanwhile, the fight for the podium ignites with Holund, Nyenget, Amundsen and perhaps even Roethe involved. Closes Niskanen at 42 ″ from Halfvarsson.

12:22 De Fabiani in the area of ​​the twentieth position at km 9.3, almost a minute late for him.

12:21 Fly Toenseth, 13 ″ 3 ahead of Halfvarsson, the Norwegian becomes the first candidate for victory!

12:20 And Calle Halfvarsson closes its rehearsal! The Swede finishes in 32’06 ″ 6: will it be enough to win or even “only” for the podium?

12:18 Not far even Clement Parisse, the Frenchman is fourth at km 6.8 at 9 ″ 1.

12:18 Pellegrino at 35 ″ 7 from Toenseth at km 5.2. In the meantime, the latter continues to drive at km 11.3, 5 ″ 2 ahead of Halfvarsson.

12:17 Concludes Giandomenico Salvadori, 33’33 ″ 6 and for the moment 47 ″ 1 late from Leveille.

12:16 At km 6.8 De Fabiani continues to slow down, while the American Patterson takes off a Halfvarsson who begins to struggle a lot 2 km from the end.

12:15 Now that he has been re-allocated the time at km 1.8, Pellegrino is granted an interesting 22nd place at 16 ″ 6 from Amundsen at km 3.8.

12:14 Pellegrino passes around the thirtieth position at km 1.8, while Toenseth jumps ahead at km 9.3! 20’21 ″ 6 his time.

12:13 Meanwhile Stefano Gardener finished his test in 33’48 ″ 5. De Fabiani 18th at km 5.2 at 18 ″ 6 from Toenseth, who was the leader at that time.

12:12 Speaking of Halfvarsson, the Swede passed in 23’59 “at km 11.3.

12:11 4 ″ 1 delay for Amundsen compared to Halfvarsson, six Norwegians become behind him.

12:10 At km 6.8 there are five Norwegians behind Halfvarsson.

12:09 Salvadori, however, gains sharply, he climbs positions after positions: at km 11.3 he is 29 ″ 2 from Leveille while at km 1.8 Parisse passes half a second from Amundsen, so many thrills in an instant! Soon the passage of Pellegrino at km 1.8 mentioned.

12:08 Toenseth fails to stay ahead of Halfvarsson by 1 ″ 4. Meanwhile De Fabiani falls, 13 ″ 8 late for him at km 3.8.

12:06 Niskanen at 18 ″ 9 from Halfvarsson’s 14’14 ″ 8 at km 6.8. The Finn will not go to the podium, which the Swede could instead.

12:05 Toenseth is strong, at km 5.2 11’30 ″ 1 for him, but Amundsen at 3.8 had a 2 ″ 2 advantage over him.

12:04 Very good De Fabiani! 4 ″ 6 delay at km 1.8 for him compared to Amundsen, and also Salvadori drags behind him who can benefit from it!

12:03 Here is the arrival of Leveille, the first to leave and of course to close. Time of 32’46 ″ 5, it could bring him a very dignified position.

12:02 Meanwhile Lindholm’s performance becomes less and less brilliant as the kilometers go by, Leveille’s advantage increases. The Canadian should precede the Finn a lot on arrival, which is now close.

12:01 Amundsen ahead of km 1.8, precedes Toenseth by seven tenths: 4’26 ″ 7!

12:00 In the rear positions Simone Mocellini at km 1.8, at 22 ″ 9 from Toenseth, while Gardener passes at 30 ″ 6 from the Canadian Leveille at km 9.3.

11:59 17’03 ″ 5, with a delay of 24 ″ 5 from Lindholm, for Salvadori. In the meantime, Francesco De Fabiani has also left, who can do well on this type of path.

11:58 The Norwegians start strong: Toenseth in front in 4’27 ″ 4 at km 1.8!

11:57 Simone Mocellini left, while Gardener moved to 23 ″ 6 from Lindholm at 7.5 km, 17’02 ″ 6 for the Italian, 16’39 ”for the Finnish.

11:56 They start to change things! Halfvarsson in command at km 3.8, the Swede makes 7’59 ″ 5. And in the meantime, Niskanen also passes in 4’33 ″ 5 at km 1.8, also behind Lindholm. In practice, for now, paradoxically, he is not the best Finn.

11:55 Salvadori travels on Gardener’s time: he is 18 ″ 1 from Lindholm (his compatriot is 19 ″ 8).

11:54 At km 9.3 the leadership of this first part of the race changes: the Canadian Leveille takes it, who was the first to start, in 21’04 ″ 4.

11:53 19 ″ 6 delay for Gardener compared to Lindholm at km 6.8, very slight gain and substantial pace equal to the Finnish.

11:52 At km 1.8 Halfvarsson is also behind Lindholm, while Martin Loewstroem Nyenget, winner in Holmenkollen, starts: for the Norwegian it was also the first triumph in the World Cup.

11:51 In the meantime, Iivo Niskanen starts, already certain of winning the distance World Cup. The Finn thus closes a year that is truly to remember, including Olympic gold.

11:50 19 ″ 8 Gardener’s delay from Lindholm (11’48 ″ 9) at km 5.2, as regards Salvadori the gap is 13 ″ 9 to 3.8.

11:48 Meanwhile Lindholm continues to apply for a good position, for the Finnish several weighty names preceded so far. Then the big names will come and that’s another story.

11:47 10 ″ 6 delay for Salvadori at 1.8 km compared to the Finnish.

11:46 15 ″ 6 delay for Gardener at km 3.8 compared to Lindholm, the blue is currently ninth.

11:43 Giandomenico Salvadori also started.

11:42 Jules Lapierre moves to 1.8 km, and for the Frenchman the time is 3 ″ 3 higher than Lapierre’s. Gardener also passed with a delay of 11 ″ 4.

11:40 Lindholm is also ahead at km 3.8 in 8’04 ”for the moment.

11:39 Stefano Gardener’s 15 km started.

11:37 The Finnish Remi Lindholm passes in front of him, 4’29 ″ 2 at 1800 meters.

11:35 am Leveille passes at km 1.8 in 4’31 ″ 4.

11:33 The first interesting one started, the Pole Dominik Bury with the 6.

11:30 Here is the start of Leveille!

11:27 All ready to go! The first will be Canadian Oliver Leveille.

11:24 Last warm-up phases before we compete. Two laps of 7.5 km, rather compact snow, but which could soon get worse given the rising temperatures.

11:21 am The sun is shining in Falun, where this men’s 15km is about to start.

11:18 However, it must be said that the Norwegian contingent is stronger today than last week. And he arrives with confidence, given that a memorable hat-trick arrived in Holmenkollen, in the 50 km.

11:15 Technically, the distance Cup would still be up for grabs, but with the absence of only contenders able to overtake Iivo Niskanen, the Finn has already taken it home (Bolshunov is out because the Russians are banned, Klaebo for the consequences of Covid).

11:12 At 14:15, as we said, the women’s competition, which will also be Therese Johaug’s last in the course of her long career, marked by many ups and downs on several fronts, but which, in the end, the has led to being among the most successful in the history of the discipline.

11:09 Italy at the start with five representatives today, which are exactly Stefano Gardener, Giandomenico Salvadori, Simone Mocellini, Francesco De Fabiani and the aforementioned Federico Pellegrino.

11:06 This is the last distance race of the season, since tomorrow a couple of mixed races will be back after several decades. If the mixed relay is understandable, then the mixed sprint team system is less so.

11:03 There are 76 men who will start, at intervals, from 11:15 to the last departure scheduled for 12:08, even if the last significant man should be Federico Pellegrino with 70, at least for not so much positions from the podium as much as I earn points.

11:00 Good morning everyone, and welcome to this LIVE LIVE of the two distance races today. It starts at 11:30 with the male, then continues with the female at 14:15.

Yesterday’s women’s sprint – Yesterday ‘s men’s sprint – The start list

Good morning to all OA Sport readers, and welcome to LIVE LIVE of the last two distance races of the cross-country skiing World Cup season, the men’s 15 km and the women’s 10 km freestyle with start at intervals of the scene in that from Falun, Sweden.

We will start with the men’s race and then continue with the women’s one, and the sequence is even more corroborated by the fact that this is Therese Johaug ‘s last race. The Norwegian, in fact, announced her retirement before Holmenkollen, where she received a notable tribute from the whole world of this discipline. The real question will be: who will succeed her as a point of reference?

In the male, however, the man to beat became Iivo Niskanen , even if the Finn found himself facilitated in this by the problems of the Norwegians. However, it remains a more open competition than the female one, in which, given the circumstances, under a favorable situation, names from Italy can also enter.

Speaking of Italians, these are the tricolor members with attached numbers : Stefano Gardener 15, Giandomenico Salvadori 24, Simone Mocellini 49, Francesco De Fabiani 58 and Federico Pellegrino 70 in the men’s field, Lucia Scardoni 6 and Caterina Ganz 43 in the women’s field.

The men’s race will start at 11:30, the women’s one at 14:15. Have fun with OA Sport LIVE LIVE!