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LIVE Beijing Paralympics 2022, results 9 March LIVE: no blue medal from the bottom, Italy in sledge hockey eliminated by Korea





Hello and welcome to the full textual live broadcast of the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics . Day 5: today another six titles will be awarded, all in Paralympic cross-country skiing , and there will be space for 20 Italians , engaged in Paralympic cross-country skiing (3 athletes) and ice parahockey (17 athletes).

OA Sport offers you the full textual live stream of the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics : all the results of today’s races, Wednesday 9 March, in real time, minute by minute, so you don’t really miss anything. It starts at 05.00 Italian time with the Paralympic cross-country skiing competitions .

Hello and welcome back to LIVE LIVE on this fifth day of the Beijing Winter Paralympics.

The program includes the assignment of six titles, all in Paralympic cross-country skiing, and there will be space for 20 Azzurri, engaged in Paralympic cross-country skiing (3 athletes) and ice parahockey (17 athletes).

CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING – The semifinals of the sprints are in progress The semifinals of the three categories for men and women are in progress: standing, vision impaired and sitting.

CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING – We will provide you with a complete update on the podiums of the three sprint categories (men and women) at the end of the races, with relative positions of the Azzurri in the race.

CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING – The first Final of today’s program was held, that is the men’s sprint Sitting: the victory went to the Chinese Zheng who won with a time of 2: 42.4 to precede his compatriot Mao (2: 44.9) and the Canadian Cameron (2: 46.3). Nothing to do for the Azzurri in the race: Giuseppe Romele did not go beyond the semifinals, while Michele Biglione was eliminated in qualifying.

CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING – China again on target in the sprint Sitting, this time the female version. It was Yang who won in 3: 18.2 in front of the American champion Oksana Masters (3: 19.9), who collected yet another Paralympic medal of his extraordinary career, and the other Chinese Li (3: 31.0)

CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING – French success in the Standing (Free) sprint trial formed by Daviet with a time of 3: 07.5 to precede the German Maier (3: 08.8) and the Ukrainian Vovchynskyi (3: 09.3). Unfortunately Cristian Toninelli was eliminated in the qualifying phase.

CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING – The Standing (Free) women’s race also ended with the Canadian success of Wilkie (4: 05.1) ahead of the Norwegian Nilsen (4: 08.1) and the American Peterson (4: 12.1). No blue in this test.

CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING – The sprint test reserved for the category “Vision Impaired (Free)” men smiled at the Canadian McKeever (3: 19.5) to precede the American Adicoff (3: 20.3) and the Swedish Modin (3: 37.8). No blue present.

CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING – Last Final scheduled today, the one reserved for the women of the Vision Impaired (Free) sprint. Gold went to the Austrian Edlinger with a time of 3: 4.9.6 to precede the Ukrainian Shyshkova (3: 56.4) and the German Kalzmaier (4: 05.2). No blue at the start.

SLEDGE HOCKEY – At 9.35 am the quarter-final of the men’s tournament between Italy and South Korea will start. The Azzurri want the company to grab a place in the semifinals!

SLEDGE HOCKEY – The match between Italy and South Korea begins! The blues want the semifinal!

SLEDGE HOCKEY – Halfway through the first half Italy are 1-0 down against South Korea. Jang goal after 3:30

SLEDGE HOCKEY – The first quarter between Italy and South Korea ends. Asians lead 1-0 with Jang’s goal after 3:30.

SLEDGE HOCKEY – The second period of Italy-South Korea, quarter-final, kicks off. Azzurri under 0-1

SLEDGE HOCKEY – South Korea still 1-0 ahead of Italy in the second half. The blues try, but the rivals manage the advantage

SLEDGE HOCEKY – The second period ends and South Korea moves forward 2-0 over Italy. Now you need the company to dream of the semifinal

SLEDGE HOCKEY – The third and decisive period of Italy-South Korea begins, a match valid as a qualification for the semifinal. The Koreans are ahead 2-0 with goals from Jang and Jung.

SLEDGE HOCKEY – The third period opens and South Korea immediately flies 3-0 against Italy

SLEDGE HOCKEY – Italy’s adventure at the Olympic Games stops. The blues, in fact, are defeated 0-4 by South Korea which, therefore, reaches the semifinal.

Dear friends of OA Sport, the Beijing 2022 Paralympics day ends here. We thank you for your kind attention and we refer you to tomorrow for another day of competitions and emotions