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Handball, the qualification criteria for the 2024 Paris Olympics. Spotlights on women’s European Championships, France already certain


The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics are already behind us and it is immediately time to think about the Paris 2024 review, with handball that will have twelve qualified both in the men’s tournament and in the women’s competition, for a qualification process that in a certain sense is already in place.

Already at the end of the year the first pass among women will come off, with the first classified of the European Championships of Slovenia, North Macedonia and Montenegro which will give the winner the opportunity to compete in the five-circle review, with the Old Continent instead it will wait until January 2024, while from this point on the calendars will be aligned.

Another place will be assigned to the 2023 World Cup , both men and women, as well as the winners of the Pan American Games 2023 , while in Asia there will be a continental qualifying tournament. In Africa, on the other hand, there are two scenarios: among men the winner of the championships will be admitted, while among women it will be an internal tournament that will determine the formation that will compete in Paris.

The last six places will instead be decided through three qualifying tournaments that will take place in March between teams not yet in possession of the pass. France, the host country and present with gold ambitions in both events, is already certain of participation.