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Gymnastics, Serie A 2022: second stage report cards. Illuminating Villa and D’Amato, solid May. Andreoli, without falls …


The second stage of the A1 2022 Series of artistic gymnastics, the highest Italian team championship, took place on Saturday 12 March . Below are the report cards of the Italian athletes who were most highlighted at the Pala Gianni Asti in Turin.

GIORGIA VILLA: 8.5. He lights up the scene with two high-impact blasts , demonstrating a comforting state of form and an ever-growing confidence in the two tools he is currently using the most. He starts at the parallels with a test of enormous technical impact: it is valuable in the technical phase and in the execution of the various connections (5.8 the D Score), then raises the bar to the beam where a very solid routine is invented starting from 5.5 and bringing at home a 14,000 of considerable impact.

ASIA D’AMATO: 8.5. An afternoon high for the Genoese, who once again highlights her value in the international art scene. The 19-year-old places her usual double spin on the vaulting (14,100 with a big hop on the way, we remind you once again that we start with four tenths less than the previous Code of Points), then the parallels like it so much for the sequence of connections it manages to find (14.250, 5.9) and again reveals an interesting growth in the free body (13.550).

Gymnastics, Serie A: Giorgia Villa and Asia D’Amato show, Brixia wins in Turin. Return of Iorio, Andreoli falls

ANGELA ANDREOLI: 7. His tightrope walker would deserve a 10 in the report card, if it were done correctly . Unfortunately he stumbles into two falls (one on the double squat, the other on an acrobatic series), but it is an exercise bordering on the surreal and worthy of the international summit: 6.2 of D Score, despite having set foot on the ground in two occasions brings home 12,650. The 15-year-old from Brescia, in the second race as a senior, was liked for how she was able to redeem herself immediately after the free body , showing good acrobatics and taking home a nice 13,650 (5.5).

ELISA IORIO: 7. His return after shoulder problems should be widely encouraged . The Emilian does not deny her technical rate on the bars, she falls at the start but then she is good at getting up and shaping an extremely concrete test (13,250 from 5.9). 13,000 beam (5.1), it starts from here to return to the top.

MARTINA MAY: 7.5. He works in an all-around of extreme continuity : 13,800 at the vault with a twist and a half, 13,150 at the parallels (5.9 the starting note, unfortunately it pays for a fall), 13,700 at the beam (from 5.3, with some tweaks), 13,600 at the free body on a decidedly sparkling music and well studied for its characteristics. An indispensable presence, more and more convinced of their means and with at least one more point in the pocket.

MANILA ESPOSITO: 7. The neo-senior continues to convince and gives a tonic and concrete general competition : 13,300, 13,500, 13,200, 13,400. The 15-year-old is now a point of reference, she is ambitious and will be an important pawn for the national team. Soul of the Civitavecchia Gymnastics, which ends in second position, the best possible result behind the unrivaled Brixia.

LARA MORI = RAFFAELLA CARRÀ. We had already written it a month ago, but we reiterate our appreciation for the bold choice of Tuscany, who built her free body exercise on a medley of the great hits of the famous artist who died last year. A convincing and pleasing tribute: 12,600 (5.1 the D Score, three tenths of a penalty for an exit from the platform), but the blue can really point to other horizons by optimizing his ninety seconds, as he has repeatedly shown that he knows. do. Fifth place for its Giglio Montevarchi.

The honorable mention goes to BENEDETTA GAVA, surprisingly able to obtain the best score of the day at the vault (14,200), preceding Asia D’Amato (world specialty silver, obviously on the two jumps). Once again, an applause to Artistica ’81 Trieste, which replicates the third place obtained a month ago in Ancona. Juventus Nova Melzo’s team performance, which stops three tenths from the podium, should also be praised. The Julians and the Lombard women have really thrown their hearts over the obstacle: the Brixia is the transposition of the Italian national team, Civitavecchia can count on young people of depth, behind them “human” formations that have given a beautiful race.