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Five-a-side football, Serie A: in the only Sunday match, Itaservice wins at Feldi Eboli


After the three matches on the agenda yesterday, net of the postponements already planned and put on the agenda, today – Sunday 13 March 2022 – the Serie A 5-a-side football saw only one match of the program of its 22nd day be played.

Specifically, the one in which Italservice Pesaro, leaders and champion of Italy, managed to overtake Feldi Eboli 2-5, in a challenge played right on the pitch of the Campania team.

After being at a disadvantage due to the effect of Schiochet’s net, Colini’s formation literally started to fly.

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Salas equalized the scores on 1-1 , before the inaugural fraction ran out, while an unleashed Fortini (brace for him), Taborda and Tonidandel illuminated the recovery for the momentary 1-5, which later became 2-5 with the Trentin’s final goal for Feldi.

Now almost a week of rest, before the advent of the 23rd day, which will be scheduled between 18 and 19 March. The big match in the schedule will certainly be the one represented by Napoli Futsal-Olimpus Roma.